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New organisation signs Delphi and KnowMe

By Tobias 'noxilicious' .
Jan 25, 2013 21:20

ImageA former sponsor of tournaments founded a new organisation and welcomed two well known Starcraft II players to kick off with their history in eSport. A showmatch was played today.

People who are familiar with the German Starcraft II scene and especially events hosted by DE Dennis 'TaKe' Gehlen might already know nexteamspeak. The company was a sponsor of the last HomeStoryCup VI and apparently they want to get their feet into eSport as they founded a new organisation - called nexgaming - just a short time ago.

The first two players of the Starcraft II roster are DE 'KnowMe' and DE Lucas 'Delphi' Hilgers. Both of them are not unknown and well known in the German scene. While KnowMe has been looking for a new team for quite some time, Delphi did not need a lot of time to find a new team. Apparently both players are happy to join a new organisation together. They are looking forward to a great future and hope to be successful. Additionally a showmatch in HotS was announced and played today. The German caster DE Mori was allowed to cast it.

How will the two players do and what do you think about this new organisation?

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