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Sheth is going to take a step back

By Tobias 'noxilicious' .
Jan 25, 2013 19:54

ImageAs the American Zerg player, who is currently playing for Team Liquid, wrote on, he is going to take a break and will stop gaming for quite some time to focus on two major problems, he got lately.

A few days ago, US Shawn 'Sheth' Simon wrote a long post at and announced how is upcoming future is going to look like.

Some people knew it already, others might be a bit surprised, but Team Liquid players seem to suffer lately. Sheth is not the only player of TL that suffers some pain in his hands. DE Dario 'TLO' Wünsch and KR Young Seo 'TaeJa' Yoon suffered or still stuffer similiar problems. TaeJa took a step back as well, while TLO seems to get along for now. So this is going to be first step for Sheth, to look out for his hands and try everything to avoid serious damage.

Another big problem is Sheth's weight, as he pointed out. He tried some diets already and also tried to train and lose some weight, but apparently traveling to tournaments and different situations or possibilities will distract him or throw him back.

Therefore he contacted NL Victor 'Nazgul' Goossens and they agreed that it would probably be best for Sheth to take a break. Sheth did not point out how long it will take, but it was a smart decision to take a break for his health as it's one of the most important things in life.

A part of Sheth's blog:
"After talking with Victor a bit, I got to talk with Robbie. I'd been struggling with hand injuries (Went to two doctors, both said 'we've done all the tests we can and its nothing we know of') for a while now. We decided that it would be smart for me to take a little break and to focus on my health first. Nazgul even said it would be fine for me to keep being paid even though I won't be playing SC2 during this time. This is extremely nice and something he didn't need to do. Just wanted to say how awesome that was for me..."




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