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Millenium Haydal: Losing in the qualifier is not allowed

By Irena 'curlychan' Pencheva
Jan 24, 2013 16:53

ImageOne day before the European Qualifiers for the League of Legends Championship Series start we had the chance to interview Millenium's support player Haydal, with whom we discussed their chances going into the tournament, the changes to the game that were introduced in the beginning of Preseason 3 and more.

It's the most important time in the professional career of every player who will be competing in the Season 3 European Qualifiers tomorrow, but Millenium's FR Haïdar 'Zyzz' Mezidi still took some of his time to answer a couple of questions about the tournament, their future as a team, the changes in the meta and a lot more.

You and your team, Millenium, are currently preparing for the Season 3 Qualifiers in a bootcamp in Warsaw. How is that going? Do you feel like you have achieved much more in terms of team synergy and communication compared to IEM Cologne, which was your first event together?

"IEM Cologne was not only our first event but also our first games together, we improved a lot in terms of synergy, communication and strategy. Bootcamping in a good environment is really good for us, I think its important for a team to be friends before teammates. "

You seem to enter the qualifier as one of the favourites. Will that put additional pressure on you? Are you confident in your success?

"The season 3 qualifier is really important for all of us, for me it's life changing, so it's obviously a lot of pressure. We are taking the practice really seriously and we are taking every single team into consideration. We are quite confident into our level and confidence is important."

Is there a team or a bot lane in particular that has been giving you trouble in your scrims and that you would want to avoid clashing with during the qualifiers?

"Every team who qualified for this tournament deserve to be there but the most scary team is Fnatic.
Also I think we can expect a surprise from team Mouz even if they had to change jungler recently."

Now that the groups are out can you tell us your opinion on which one is the hardest and maybe share your predictions about the 5 teams that will receive a spot for the Championship Series?

"I think Group A is the most stacked group, and about our group, team Acer will be the most difficult since we dont know that much about them. The top 5 in my opinion will be Fnatic, MYM, ATN, Wolves/Mouz and us."

Being only 18, have you finished school? What are your plans regarding that if you are indeed one of the qualified teams? I assume the whole squad would move together in Millenium’s gaming house in France?

"I stopped school some time ago because I wanted to compete and League of Legends was the perfect chance for me, I can't imagine the fact we don’t qualify, it can't be an option for me. We are indeed gonna live in a gaming house if we qualify but we don’t know where yet."


Before the North American qualifiers for Season 3 there were teams that said that if they don’t qualify they will disband. Have you thought or discussed internally what would happen with Millenium if such a thing happens?

"We haven't decided yet, depends on the opportunities that the Challenger Circuit might give. But we won't be going to a gaming house and such if we don't qualify. For me it will be really complicated since I have no school or job experience. Losing in the qualifier is not allowed."

Talking about the NA qualifiers, did you watch any of the matches? Do you agree with the common believe that they are the weakest region at the moment?

"I watched the NA qualifiers and I believe they don’t have that much good teams, but I respect CLG and TSM in terms of level. I would really like to play against them. Don't know about Dignitas tho."

While on the other regions topic, we have to mention the Korean teams. You got to play against one of them, SK Telecom, at IEM Cologne. Are you eager to test your strengths against Koreans again now that you are much more settled as a team?

"I think Korean teams are good, they have discipline but I feel like European top teams can reach a higher level than Koreans. I would like to play against them and I think we have our chance now."

Let’s discuss a bit the game changes in Season 3. What’s your opinion on them as a whole? Do you like the direction in which the meta shifted?

"I like how the game turned, especially the fact that support has changed a lot in my opinion since I switched to support role. You have a lot more impact on the game especially on bot lane."

If there was one thing that you could change in League of Legends at the moment what would it be?

"I would remove warmog if I could, otherwise I like the game how it is, I think it's the professional teams role to create their own metagame."


You have played a couple of different roles for your team in the past. Do you think you finally found your right place as the support or do you prefer playing a “carry” role if you have that option?

"I would definitely play a carry role if I could, but I’m fine as a support, I do it for the team and as I said before I think support has a lot of impact on the game now, I also like to play my support really aggressive and not like a ''slave'' for the team. I can also focus more on making calls and I’m confident into my insight/experience of the game."

A lot of people say that in Season 3 supports are stronger or at least have a much wider choice of itemization. How do you feel about the changes introduced to this type of champions?

"Supporting is definitely a more important role in season 3, you have a lot of good items like Twins Shadow or Runic bulwark which make a lot of difference in a team. I like to play some support as a 2nd AP carry as well, but I’m not sure yet if it's the best choice in a tournament."

Riot introduced a bunch of new items as well. Do you have a favourite among them?

"I don't really use the new items as a support. Sometimes Runic Bulwark or Twins Shadow, but I always like to build a Shurelya too. I don't feel like Sighstone is good."

Thank you for your time and I wish you best of luck in the Season 3 Qualifiers. Any shout outs you want to give or fan pages you want to share so people could follow you?

"I'd like to thank SK Gaming for this interview, also thanks to my teammates Angush, Tabzz, ImSoFresh and Creaton. Thanks to Flyy, our manager, he put a lot of effort in the team and thanks to Millenium, Cdiscount and Winamax to give us a chance to live our dream.
I also want to thank Riot for how much work they did in E-sport.
Feel free to follow me and ask me any question at
You can also follow the team and ask question to Flyy at"




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