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Team CRG with new lineup

By (._.) 'DisappointedGuy' .
Jan 24, 2013 03:47

ImageThe British organization Code Red Gaming just presented their brand new Counter-strike: Global Offensive squadron. The formation aims now to attend various tournaments as the Epic TEN and the Heaven Media event in Vienna.

The United Kingdom-based organization Code Red Gaming revealed the formation of a new Counter-strike: Global Offensive representative squadron. It is worth recalling that the previous roster serving for CRG did not manage to obtain the expected results and had its last presentation at Multiplay's insomnia47 where they ended in a 7th-8th final place. After those poor results, four of the members of the troop parted ways with the organization, leaving UK James “redSNK” Littlewood as the only who decided to stick to Code Red. Was then when Littlewood was on charge of building the team that was just revealed.

CRG.CS:GO brand new team is composed by:
UK Ben “b3n” Wood
UK James “redSNK” Littlewood
UK Josh “mole” Rowley
UK Thomas “SPUDZ” White
UK Craig “REAZN” Brackenridge

Ben 'b3n' Wood stated:
"We are really excited to announce the new CSGO team for CRG. The new lineup consists of redsnake, mole, spudz, reazn and myself. Spudz and reazn join from the surprise team of the last iseries, ROCKETMEN (who 15-0'd the old CRG). Both are quality players with both aim and brain which is always a good start! Mole comes in with a lot of experience after playing with a lot of very good players. James and I have known Mole for ages and knew he would be the best to finish the lineup.

The next event that we'll be attending will be Epic TEN followed by Heaven Media Vienna the following week. We aim to do well at these events even if we haven't been together for that long.

Just like to say a big thanks to JD, skii and all the CRG lot for being so supportive of us!"




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