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Fnatic to reboot NA squad

By Samuel 'DarthBotto' Horton
Jan 23, 2013 01:50

ImageFnatic's North American Dota 2 squad has dispersed, upon the insistence of the organization's management. They will now look to rebuild it with fresh players.

US Fnatic NA, who had a stellar debut, have fallen into ill times and as such, have dispersed at the organization's insistence. The team, however, has not disbanded, as US Jonathan 'SMURF-' Gorriz remains on Fnatic's roster and like US Tim 'PowerNet' Moon before him, will be expected to rebuild the North American Dota 2 division. With the group stage of The Defense #3 coming to a close, the North American division has a clean slate to take time to restructure and enter into further tournaments.

According to the statement made by Fnatic's general manager, Elroy 'Noname' Pinto, the issues arose near the conclusion of last year, when the team met one another in the flesh for the first time. Immediately, issues began occurring, starting with the departures of US Roland 'Rolo' Tarrazo and US Josh 'Tabako' Tabak, who both required free time for central obligations. As such, substitutes have been used, resulting in poor performances on behalf of the Americans. Aside from SMURF-, the two other permanent players, US Erik 'DurpDurp' Kamerling and US Bryant 'whiteBeard' Lehwald, humiliated Noname by displaying their Skype conversations dealing with intimate team details during live streams. As a result, they were dismissed, leading to the current situation in which SMURF- constitutes the entirety of the squad.

Source: Fnatic



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