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IEM Katowice Semi-Final #2: Gambit Gaming vs Azubu Frost

By Krasimir 'fmde' Kolev
Jan 20, 2013 18:27

ImageThe second semi-final of today pairs up one of the top European teams against the Korean powerhouse in a match, that will be remembered for a long time. Check out on SK-Gaming, which is going to be the second team to proceed to the Grand Final and have a shot at claiming the grand prize!

The two teams made it to the semi-finals in very different scenarios. Azubu Frost steamrolled their way trough group B yesterday, winning their games in a pretty one sided way. Gambit, on the other hand, had a shaky performance, where they lost 1 game against Curse and had to be put in a nerve-wrecking 3-way tie. Thanks to their combined efforts in a final stand against MYM, they managed to win faster than their counterparts and therefore qualify for today's game, but will the magic continue all the way?

RU Gambit Gaming vs KR Azubu Frost

Game 1

Gambit Gaming: Lee Sin, Nunu, Kayle
Azubu Frost Olaf, Shen, Miss Fortune

Gambit Gaming: Kha'Zix, Ezreal, Xin Zhao, Sona, Renekton
Azubu Frost Evelynn, Amumu, Graves, Singed, Blitzcrank


The game started off with no aggression from either side - both teams were concentrated on figuring out their opponent's weaknesses. First blood was in favor of Azubu Frost and it came out pretty quick - a perfectly executed gank on the top lane by CloudTemplar's Amumu managed to secure the kill on to Ed Ward's Sona.

For the next 15 minutes, it was rather quiet and everyone was more focused on farming, than on global objectives. After the first dragon was taken however(in favor of Gambit), both teams began to group up mid lane for a small series of skirmishes. Those fights resulted in 1 for 1 kills and 1 for 1 towers, as the teams were neck to neck almost the entire time.

The first big teamfight was for the second dragon: Azubu Frost had it perfectly timed and were there spot on. After winning the teamfight they went to claim their prize, but Alex Ich had something different in his mind: He managed to steal away the dragon with a perfectly timed interaction, giving his team the global gold.

Both teams started to look for advantages. Their ability to fight as a single unit was amazing: teamfights were exchanging victors. First there was Gambit, prevailing over their Korean counterparts with a 3 for 0 kills. Shortly after, however, near the baron pit, another huge teamfight happened (3 for 3). Third time was the charm for the Russians. They managed to secure Baron Nashor, after winning a badly engaged by Azubu Frost fight, putting them slightly ahead in gold, but still very close.

Next Nashor was also in favor of Gambit: after a huge team fight near the pit, in a 4:2 exchange and an amazing play by Alex Ich (grabbing a tripple-kill), the Russians claimed their prize and now fully charged with the buff they went straight to mid. Their push however didn't result as they expected and surprisingly the Koreans managed to hold their base together. This didn't last long: being forced to stop Gambit from taking a third consecutive Baron Nashor, they went straight into the Russian trap. Sadly enough this desperate move got them Aced, putting Gambit Gaming 1:0 in the Series

Winner: RU Gambit Gaming


Game 2

Gambit Gaming: Olaf, Shen, Miss Fortune
Azubu Frost Kha'Zix, Evelynn, Lee Sin

Gambit Gaming: Ryze, Ezreal, Xin Zhao, Ryze, Nunu, Renekton
Azubu Frost Cho'Gath, Blitzcank, Anivia, Varus, Jax


Stakes were higher than ever in this second game. For the first time ever Azubu Frost were under pressure, after losing the first game. There was no level 1 action, as both teams were in defensive formations and decided to play it safe.

Having the momentum from the first game, Gambit came out swinging. They secured first blood after a perfectly executed 4-man gank in the bottom lane, getting not just 1, but 2 kills. Diamond's Xin Zhao was the playmaker at the early stages of the game, as he was virtually everywhere. Just moments after the successful gank bot, he appeared in the middle and with combined efforts by him and Alex Ich's Ryze they scored another kill in their favor (this time on RapidStar's Anivia).

Being 3:0 ahead really calmed the Russian team down and for the time being, they were happy farming up. Azubu Frost knew they had to make a move, else they would be too far behind later on, so they gathered near dragon, waiting for their opponent to arrive. Gambit was not far away, and after getting engaged in what seemed to be a perfect teamfight for the Koreans, they managed to turn it around scorring 2 kills for 1 and taking the first dragon of the game.

Gambit knew, that they have the upper hand and grouped mid to look for a fight. They soon found what they were looking for: After a crazy towerdive between the 3 middle towers, they managed to score 3 kills and push the gold difference to 5k shortly after securing the second dragon of the game. Kills were 11:3.

From that point on, the main goal was naturally Baron Nashor. After some moments of tension and ward cleaning, Azubu finally decided to go in and suffered yet another defeat - losing 4 members for 0 and the Baron. It was just a matter of time until the Russian team was knocking at their front door, finishing the game with an Ace, and proceeding to face Frost's sister team Azubu Blaze in the Grand Finale!

Winner: RU Gambit Gaming!

Picture courtesy of ESL.



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