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IEM Katowice Group B: SK Gaming vs Fnatic

By Michael 'Wtblife' Ardelean
Jan 19, 2013 20:08

ImageLadies and Gentlemen, the game we've all been waiting for. One of the oldest rivalries in the history of e-Sports is once again about to happen. And the conditions can't be better: whoever wins this one is advancing the group. Let's get it on.

There surely is no game SK or Fnatic fans want to watch more than the good old “SK v Fnatic”, comparable only to the football's 'el clasico'. And no team will hold back. Both have to win in order to qualify. All or nothing for both teams. There is no better way to watch this match-up. The only thing left to add is: Have fun watching / reading.

EU SK Gaming vs EU Fnatic

SK Gaming: Malphite, Evelynn, Amumu

Fnatic: Shen, Kayle, Lee Sin

SK Gaming: Olaf, Elise, Ezreal, Cho'Gath, Janna

Fnatic: Caitlyn, Kha'Zix, Zyra, Rammus, Kassadin

Both teams steal the enemy's blue buff, but SK comes off better with an early 400 gold advantage, due to Kha'Zix not being able to last hit. The standard “Ad + Support to top-lane” move is made by Fnatic, but turns out better for SK, as they manage to destroy the bot turret at 5 minutes. As a result they send their bruiser to the bot lane to make things “normal”.

Kha'Zix reacts to the backing Olaf and pushes as fast as possible to make him lose some minions, but Cho'Gath saw it coming and stealth ganks him from his own jungle with Olaf coming back right on time. This beautiful gank led to Olaf getting first blood.

At the 9 minute mark SK decides to go for a mid lane push and almost get the turret, while killing Rammus and losing Janna. They have build up a nice to have 2k gold advantage already.

Both teams are continuously gathering mid to push each other until finally Fnatic's tier 1 mid turret drops to minions. Right after the turret got dropped SK is going for a dragon. With 3 members shooting at it and Elise playing sneaky, she manages to grab a fantastic kill on Zyra. A nice little addition to the 17 minute free-dragon.

SK, with the upper hand, are showing what they trained for at the boot camp. They act like a team, pushing every lane and Fnatic can't do more than reacting and getting poked down. After some poke, SK eventually engages a fight at the top lane, gets an easy 3-1, the top tier 1 turret and shortly after another free dragon.

After 25 minutes Fnatic finally manage to get their first turret, because SK backed earlier on. But Fnatic did not count in their enemies fast reaction, as they lose their second mid turret right afterwards.

30 minutes passed and Fnatic are down 5k gold, while SK are still pushing every lane and already knocking at Fnatic's doors on every lane. Eventually, the baron-dance started, thanks to the oracle on Cho'gath. This leads to Fnatic checking the baron pit and losing yet another fight and a rather free baron. SK-Gaming's next push is approved by baron Nashor, as they finally manage to demolish the bottom inhibitor turet. But similar to their first game today, they overextended and died in a straight 5v5 due to engaging on low hp. The overextend gave Fnatic 3 kills and a free mid inhibitor turret.

Ezreal gets caught by Kassadin and Kha'Zix and Fnatic get an easy mid inhibitor and a baron. Right after the inhibitor got destroyed, Kha'Zix died due to a nice rupture and SK managed to kill the bottom inhibitor.

As we hit the 48 minute mark, Fnatic has the gold advantage for the first time in the game. Baron buff faded from Fnatic and SK decided to engage, which first looked rather bad for them but turned out in a 1 for nothing. Right afterwards they engage another fight and catch an out of position Kha'Zix which gets them a baron. While SK went for baron Kassadin managed to down the mid inhibitor, but got caught because of it. This lead to one more SK push and to 2 dead inhibitors.

SK's AD and AP carry died for those inhibitors and SK has to defend a 3v4. Both Nexus turrets dropped but Fnatic lost some members for it. As a result SK went for Fnatic's base but did not count in Kassadin. With the power of Rift Walk Olaf was not able to stop Kassadin from finishing off the Nexus. What an amazing game!

Funfact: Kassadin had 39 health left when he finished the Nexus and Olaf already was in the middle of an auto attack animation.

Winner: Fnatic

This is it for Group B! Azubu Frost and Fnatic advance after an amazing day of LoL.



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