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IEM Katowice Group B: SK Gaming vs Absolute Legends

By Michael 'Wtblife' Ardelean
Jan 19, 2013 17:04

ImageThe first round of Group B has been played and there are no surprises yet. Now the second round is going to start with the teams that are 0-1. Whoever loses this exciting match might be counted out already, so make sure to read on!

Both, SK Gaming and Absolute Legends, have lost their first games and have to win this game. Naturally, most people see AL as the underdog here. They still have to prove themselves and it would not hurt if it was against SK, otherwise they can be counted out already, as their next enemy will be the feared Azubu Frost team. So let's bring it on: Group B, Round 2. Fight!

EU SK Gaming vs PL Absolute Legends

SK Gaming: Malphite, Wukong, Elise

AL: Kha'Zix, Lee Sin, Nidalee

SK Gaming: Kalye, Sona, Shen, Ezreal, Shaco

AL: Lulu, Olaf, Xin'Zhao, Miss Fortune, Pantheon

AL starts the game quite aggressive, as they give their own blue buff to Olaf, while 4 members of their team take SK's blue buff. Shaco level 2 tower dives Olaf, who gets an easy firstblood and an execute.

A rather early team fight erupts in SK's jungle and AL gets out ahead, with a 3 for 2. However, SK reacts quickly and manages to shred down dragon, while AL are still heading to their lanes, to keep the gold difference low.

The next fight happens to be at the dragon pit. Candy Panda once again showing off with an outstanding performance, which led to a 4-0 in addition to the dragon extra gold.

Some more minutes into the game, SK are able to pick up an uncontested dragon and pick up a 5k gold advantage.

As the game goes on, SK gets more and more dominant. By the time the timer hits the 30 minute mark, SK is 8k gold ahead. Time passes and they push the heck out of AL's lanes. AL seems rather defenseless.

SK Gaming abuse the power of a fed Shen and split push while going for baron. The 4v4 in the Baron pit is a clear statement: 2 for nothing and a baron, while Shen is already nibbling on the bottom inhibitor turret. With some champions being dead, AL had no chance to defend and their Nexus got crushed.

In the end Kev1n's Shen proved to be too strong for AL, as he was involved in almost every kill for SK Gaming and got SK back into the game after the shaky start. If there was an MVP for this game, there is no doubt he'd get it.

Winner: SK Gaming


Pictures courtesy of ESL.

In round 3 SK will face Fnatic, and its going to be another all or nothing game for SK Gaming. Stay tuned!



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