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IEM Katowice Group B: Absolute Legends vs Fnatic

By Koray 'DoubleK' Kocyigit
Jan 19, 2013 16:45

ImageAfter the schedule has been changed Absolute Legends and Fnatic had to play at 14:30. In front of their home crowd Absolute Legends, as the underdog in this match, is looking for the victory. Can the Polish team use this advantage or are they going to give the three points to Fnatic?

The first match for the second Polish team at IEM Katowice, Absolute Legends, is against Fnatic. With a highly successful line-up Fnatic wants to go straight for their first three points, so can Absolute Legends stop them?

PL Absolute Legends vs EU Fnatic

Absoute Legends: Blitzcrank, Zyra, Shen

FnaticRC: Elise, Kha'Zix, Evelynn

Absolute Legends: Lee Sin (HitooN), Olaf (Trausi), Orianna (Nicker), Corki (hOrse), Sona (Tymek)

FnaticRC: Zed (sOAZ), Nunu (Cyanide), Ezreal (xPeke), Caitlyn (YellOwStaR), Lulu (nRated)

We can definitely say that the teams in this IEM love to set up their picks different - so does Fnatic. With xPeke who plays Ezreal on mid lane against Nicker with Orianna, this match will be an exciting one.

Untypical this match started really calm without any invades from both teams. The junglers started with their required buffs. Trausi turned out to be the more active one though. He ganked toplane as soon as the third minute started and made sOAZ use his flash. That is the reason why Trausi returned after some seconds, ganked again and picked up first blood. In the same time the bot lane of Absolute Legends was in great danger because of YellOwStaR who was dealing tons of damage.

Some minutes later the first turret of Absolute Legends was destroyed and after this Fnatic swapped their top and bot lane to keep up the pressure high. From the game play it was easy to notice that the Polish team got nervous because they tended to make mistakes.

In some moments Absolute Legends could catch up to Fnatic but in the end xPeke and sOAZ became too fed and ruled the match. That can be concluded because of the fact that Ezreal's ultimate was just dropping the opponents' HP bars in half which was really helpful to initiate the team fights.

Absolute Legends tried to hold against this strong team but couldn't survive longer against such an overpowered team from Fnatic and lost after 30 minutes.

Winner: FnaticRC

Pictures courtesy of ESL.



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