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IEM Katowice Group A: Gambit Gaming vs. MYM

By Koray 'DoubleK' Kocyigit
Jan 18, 2013 22:26

ImageThe last match of group A seems to be a breathtaking one. Gambit Gaming is still chasing for their first and possibly last win in the tournament while MYM needs the three points to keep it up with Azubu Blaze.

After two loses in a row Gambit Gaming is under such a great pressure. On the other hand MYM have one win already but even with three points and the currently second place their place in the semifinals is still not guaranteed.

RU Gambit Gaming vs PL MeetYourMakers

Gambit Gaming: Wukong, Kayle, Elise

Meet Your Makers: Lee Sin, Miss Fortune, Evelynn

Gambit Gaming: Kha'Zix, Renekton, Xin Zhao, Ezreal, Sona

Meet Your Makers: Jayce, Shen, Sivir, Olaf, Nunu

If we look at the picks of both teams we will notice something immediately. They aren't looking like line-ups we normally know from our games we play at home.

However the match started with these "interesting" line-ups. MYM didn't waste any seconds and tried to invade the jungle of Gambit Gaming. After that failed because Darien was covering it, the Polish team aimed for their blue buff some seconds later. MYM managed to steal it but Gambit Gaming wasn't sleeping and acted equally so both teams took the blue buffs from their opponent.

With the goal to put pressure on Darien, MYM swapped their top and bot lane. In result Makler and Libik went top while Kubon played against Genja and Ed Ward in bot lane. This decision payed off after only four minutes as Mokatte ganked Darien and consequently the first blood. At that moment it looked like MYM had the advantage.

Then Gambit Gaming changed their play style and started an aggressive offensive against MYM. After the Russian team took a 4:1 advantage in kills we can guess that they were right with this decision.

Minute by minute Gambit Gaming played their strategy consequently and dominated MYM. With an early baron and two dragon kills they gained much more gold and extended their advantage. With every tower they destroyed, Gambit Gaming went closer to their first three points in the group stage until they finished the match after only 26 minutes.

Winner: Gambit Gaming

Pictures courtesy of ESL.



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