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IEM Katowice Group A: Azubu Blaze vs MYM

By Philip 'tSoPAL' Leber
Jan 18, 2013 19:22

ImageThe crowd was cheering hard this game and probably not for the Korean team, as the Polish team MYM was fighting against Azubu for the lead in Group A.

Both teams were able to win their first games, showing an exact opposite picture to Gambit and Curse, and both teams of course wanted to expand their domination in Group A, but only one could achieve this aim at the end of the game.

KR Azubu Blaze vs PL MeetYourMakers

Azubu Blaze: Wukong, Kayle, Evelynn

MYM: Lulu, Kha'Zix, Miss Fortune

Azubu Blaze: Olaf, Shen, Twisted Fate, Ashe, Sona

MYM: Nunu, Caitlyn, Karthus, Elise, Malphite

A game about the lead in the group always promises to be interesting and this one started with the steal of both red buffs by both teams. After that we saw an early first blood onto Kubon in the toplane after a gank that got turned around horribly.

This was only the start of a action packed game where everything seemed to be about roaming, teleporting, ganks and counterganks even though there was no usual lane switching at all.

Still the game was really fast paced and Blaze seemed to take the profit off of it, extending their lead slowly but surely by just team fighting in the end. This led to not only a game with a scary Olaf played by Flame, but also the second victory for the Korean team in their group which puts them closer to the semifinals.

Winner: Azubu Blaze

Pictures courtesy of ESL.



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