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IEM Katowice Group A: Curse vs Gambit Gaming

By Philip 'tSoPAL' Leber
Jan 18, 2013 18:06

ImageWith the third game in Group A there is nearly everything on the line already as neither Curse nor Gambit Gaming were able to win their first games.

Both teams wanting to recover from their earlier losses it was clear that this would be a close and interesting game. It turned out that this was a promise that would be kept.

US Team Curse vs RU

Team Curse: Lee Sin, Kayle, Evelynn

Gambit Gaming: Elise, Cho’Gath, Kha'zix

Team Curse: Katarina, Nunu, Nocturne, Caitlyn, Ryze

Gambit Gaming: Olaf, Miss Fortune, Lulu, Zed, Wukong

The game started off nearly escalating when a level one fight went off surprisingly not killing anyone, but only wasting a few summoner spells and some health potions. After that really fast start and some lane switching the game went on rather slowly just showing some kills on both sides when somebody got picked off.

However after the ten minute mark the match nearly exploded with some action packed fights, in which Gambit Gaming seemed to have the upper hand, trading just a little bit better than Curse. Nobody was able to secure a real gold lead, even though Curse took a few more turrets at all times, than Gambit was able to.

After the twenty minute mark the game turned its tides again going now in favour of Curse. When the dancing around the baron cave began Curse obliterated Gambit Gaming with three fights in quick succession which also lead to the end of the game securing Curse their first win of the tournament.

Winner: Team Curse

Pictures courtesy of ESL.



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