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Heart of the Swarm Update #12

By Tobias 'noxilicious' .
Jan 18, 2013 12:12

ImageThe next update for the Heart of the Swarm beta has been released and it brought some minor and some bigger changes with it. The twelvth update favours Zerg players, once again.

As another update for the HotS beta arrived, some changes will be coming once again. Blizzard seems to work a straight way to Zerg being the strongest race, if you take a look at the latest updates.

Therefore the changes for the Zerg race seem to be buffs mostly. As the "Burrow" upgrade is now available at the Hatchery, Zerg players will be able to burrow in the early game, making it even harder for Protoss and Terran players to put on some early pressure on Zerg players.

Terrans will get a little buff for the Reapers, as their health is being increased by 10.

Protoss players will suffer a slight nerf to the Void Ray, as it will require 4 instead of 3 supply cost.

Full list of changes

Health increased from 50 to 60.


Void Ray
Supply cost increased from 3 to 4.
Activating the Prismatic Alignment ability now causes a timer to display over the Void Ray for the duration of the effect.


The Evolve Burrow upgrade requirement has been moved to the Hatchery.

Apparently Blizzard applied these changes to "balance" the game, as they explained here. If more health for the Reaper will help Terrans may be doubted. The Void Ray was too strong in the late game, as Blizzard stated. Really? Void Rays too strong in the late game? Wonder why one barely sees Void Rays in late game at all, but Blizzard feels this is the right way to go. As for the Zerg changes, Blizzard felt Zerg race has not enough options for the early game.

With these changes, Blizzard seems to pretend to "balance" the game, but instead Blizzard seems to do the complete opposite. The late game problems of Terrans and Protoss alike against Zerg players have not been fixed at all. Blizzard even makes it harder to apply early pressure with the early "Burrow" upgrade now. Terrans and Protoss players seem to be forced to put on some super early agression or they will have no chance at all in the late game.

What do you think about the changes?




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