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Professional eSport in Israel

By Tobias 'noxilicious' .
Jan 17, 2013 20:13

ImageEveryone knows about the best players from all around the world, but what does professional eSport in Israel look like? Not much different than in Europe or Korea, as the Israel Gaming Association shows.

UPDATE: Semi finals are about to be played and grand finals will take place on Saturday. For more information, including price money and its distribution, check out this link!

With all the big events in Starcraft II one might have trouble to get an overview of the events in Europe, America and Korea, but there is more to discover, as Israel delivers some decent gaming action as well.

The Israel Gaming Association (IGA) is organising a national championship, similiar to the WCS Nationals, which took place over a couple of months last year. The "Israel SC2 Championship", as it is officially called, is in the third season already and has been quite a success for the IGA and every professional gamer in Israel.

The IGA Season 1 and the IGAOpen Summer Challenge have already been finished and although there was not a lot of price money to be win many gamers from Israel participated and have been delivering some nice games.

The third season, the IGAOpen Winter Effort is currently been played and as the event has been going on for quite some time, the round of 8 has been reached already. Anyone who is interested in this event, should check out the official stream, which will show the action in good quality. The second day for the round of 8 has started and the last four participants are going to be determined.

If you want to find out more about the professional eSport in Israel, make sure to check out the official Facebook page of the IGA!




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