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EPSILAN #10 prize money confirmed

By Davidov 'Kha-El' Ediz
Jan 17, 2013 16:44

ImageThe EPSILAN staff announced the prizes that will be given to the winners of the CS:GO tournament in both, male and female divisions at their tenth edition.

The french LAN is coming fast with the start on 2nd February, and with the latest changes in some teams like FR Team VERYGAMES and return of FR BuyKey , it promise to be an interesting event.

Some of the teams that announced their presence :

Here are some of the details regarding prize purses of the event :

Counter-Strike Global Offensive (32 teams of 5 players): € 3,000

1st: 1700 € + hardware from sponsors
2nd: 900 € + hardware from sponsors
3rd: 400 € + hardware from sponsors

Counter-Strike Global Offensive female (10 5 player teams): € 1,200

1st: 700 € + hardware from sponsors
2nd: 300 € + hardware from sponsors
3rd: 200 € + hardware from sponsors

In addition, the winning teams will receive from the sponsors of EPSILAN hardware pieces, reaching a total of€10000.

The officials stated:
"This cash prize is the minimum cash prize guaranteed for 100% filling. It is likely to increase benefits based on the responses of our recent partners."

Regarding the female tournament , officials of EPSILAN told that some of the teams that signed up will not move to Champagne-au-Mont-d'Or for the event. Still, the event will go on with six other teams like :

FR Millenium female
FR eXtensive
FR n!faculty Female
FR 1Pure

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