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fnatic shifts focus to Europe

By Tobias 'noxilicious' .
Jan 16, 2013 21:48

ImageAs the British organisation wants to focus on Europe in 2013, the team house in Korea is going to be closed, but a new one in Europe is about to be opened. Aditionally one player parts ways with fnatic.

Back in February 2012 fnatic was the first international team to open a team house in Seoul, South Korea. Not one year has passed and the organisation decided to close that house as they want to shift their focus to Europe. A new team house in side of Europe is planned and apparently fnatic sees its future in Europe due to different reasons such as contact with fans, the roots of the organisation and some more.

Statement by Sam Matthews, Fnatic CEO:
"Today we announce the decision to not prolong our lease on our apartment in Seoul, and therefore the closure of our Korean gaming house. With all things in the business of esports we have to constantly reevaluate, evolve and make decisions which are the best for our brand, players, and partners. Fnatic has always been about being a global team, taking the best players from anywhere in the world who not only will perform well but also represent our brand in a truly Fnatic manner.

Whilst we had high hopes for our Korean ambitions, the reality is that things changed over the course of the year. In terms of numbers, the Korean Gaming House was not a venture that we are able to justify. Korea was too distant from the base of Fnatic to work perfectly and we were not able to get the fan interaction and communicaiton with the house that is truly us. You will also notice we are in the process of streamlining our SC2 squad, and will continue to support SC2 moving forward.

Even though it saddens me to shut down one of the coolest gaming environments on the planet, we are happy to confirm the recent rumors, we are in the process of setting up a completely new gaming house in Europe - closer to our roots and headquarters.

By returning to where we began, the opportunities for more exposure, better content, closer fan relations, and improved results will increase in a more Fnatic way. Our intentions with this house are to connect our fans with our players on a completely new level, and of course create the perfect practice conditions for our players to develop from.

Finally, I would like to use this moment to send our biggest appreciations to our partners: Raidcall, SteelSeries, MSI, EIZO and Twitch - we are nothing without you, thanks again!"

KR Chang Ho 'Luvsic' Jo and fnatic have decided to part ways. He had been promoted to a 'professional gamer' after he had been an academy player for quite some time. Participations in IPL 5 and Iron Squid II were not much of a success as he got knocked out quite early in both events.

Statement by Elroy 'Noname' Pinto, SC 2 manager for fnatic:
"Today we bid farewell to J, he started off within our team mid last year as an Academy player and after some months and dedication from him we saw his rise to our Professional team roster. A big achievement and one that we're proud off, we're glad for all the time and effort he invested into us but unfortunately with the house closing down and J looking to stay in a team house we simply can't have him on our roster. We wish him the best in finding a team that supports him. We're humbled to have housed the players we had, our Academy will always be open to new players who seek to make a living out of this game. We've been restructuring in the last few months and I hope in the next couple of weeks we can stabilize and focus for the remainder of the year. A big thanks to all our fans who support us and I ask them to continue to do so in the good times and the bad."




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