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Future possible changes to Darius

By Patrick 'Dragonnidh' Koglgruber
Jan 16, 2013 21:28

ImageHere are Morello's current tentative thoughts on how Darius could be "fixed", so he isn't a source of frustration for summoners anymore.

At the moment, Darius is one of the strongest top laners, especially in the low elo range, and is seeing a rise in popularity as a jungler as well. The problem about him right now is the lack of a proper counter-play due to the Hemorrhage damage being magical, and of course his ultimate. At the moment many players abuse his ultimate to steal kills from their teammates, which, of course, causes frustration and makes it anti-fun playing together with Darius.

Asked "If you had your time again, how would you redesign Darius?" Morello, Riot Games' Lead Champion Designer, said the following:

"Originally, Darius had 7 stacks of hemorrhage and the ramp-up on how much the ult did was much more stark (low stacks were terrible, full stacks was what you see now - and it only did true damage at max). This wasn't perfect, but it's much closer to the design intent; let me explain that and then you'll know where I'd like to go with him in the future."

This would prevent Darius to simply steal kills with his ultimate. To bring his full ultimate damage, he would have to hit his target first with a few auto-attacks, so kill stealing wouldn't be that easy at all.

Morello continued sharing how he would change each of Darius' abilities:

"Hemorrhage: Changed to maximum 10 stacks on a target. DoT damage adjusted to match, with something like 5 now = 7 in this model. All skills interact with # of hemorrhage stacks on the target. Auto-attacks and skills apply 1 stack.

Blood-Soaked Blade A slight redo on the Q, this still does PBAOE damage and adds a stack of bleed. Any targets hit have their hemorrhage stacks shared with that target's allies.

Crippling Strike No longer gets shorter cooldown with hemorrhage, but instead increases the slow % and duration per stack. At max, this would get to something like 80% for 5 seconds. At 0 stacks, 0% slow, but still an AA reset.

Noxian Guillotine Does (small) base damage, +(OK) AD ratio. Base damage and armor penetration (10% per stack) increase per stack of Hemorrhage. Ult STILL RESETS, as ten stacks should not be a particularly common occurrence, and should be the state Darius is trying to achieve (and the state enemies are trying to prevent)."

Bare in mind that this is all a very big "if" and we probably shouldn't expect such changes in the near future, but if Riot decides Darius indeed needs a "redesign" it would probably look a lot like what Morello described.

Source: League of Legends Forums



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