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Yellowstar and nRated reunite in Fnatic

By Irena 'curlychan' Pencheva
Jan 14, 2013 19:42

ImageFnatic finally completes their line-up by picking up the former aAa and SK AD carry Yellowstar.

After DE Manuel 'Lamia' Mildenberger’s retirement last summer EU Fnatic took their time to find the perfect 5th member for the team. It looked as they did that when they started playing with SE Martin 'Rekkles' Larsson but unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be. The young Swede can’t compete in Riot’s Championship Series due to the age restrictions, so Fnatic were forced on the lookout for a new member once again.

Now after weeks of speculation who they would pick up the big “secret” has finally been revealed and it turned out that the aAa invasion in Fnatic continues! In 2012 the team picked up first FR Paul 'sOAZ' Boyer as their new top laner and then DE Christoph 'nRated' Seitz as their support, both formerly of aAa, and the trend is still on in 2013 with the addition of FR Bora 'YellOwStaR' Kim.

During the last two years the French player has been a part of FR against All authority , FR Millenium and most recently EU SK Gaming until after the Season 2 Finals. His most notable moment is definitely his spot-on Ashe arrow from all across the map in the Season 1 Championship finals where he was playing against no other than Fnatic themselves. He’s also famous for being a part of one of the strongest bot lane combos together with nRated. Their Corki+Leona was feared all around Europe back in their aAa days and it will be interesting to see if they still have the same synergy.

Team Manager UK Harry "hxd" Wiggett statement:

"I am thrilled to have YellOwStaR join the team. After several try-outs and efforts with other players, it was clear to me and the players that there was no other suitable choice. The team is practising hard for the upcoming events and some more top 3 finishes are definitely a possibility. Everyone is getting along great and I look forward to showing the world what the new line-up is capable of in 2013."

Yellowstar on joining Fnatic:

"I'm very happy to join the Fnatic team, It's a new start with these "new" teammates that I've now known for a long time.
A new season is about to begin and it's really going to be huge. Currently, we are really practicing a lot to prepare the IEM and especially the qualifications for season 3.
I'm really excited and motivated to perform for the upcoming events."

Yellowstar’s first official appearance with the Fnatic t-shirt will be this weekend at IEM Katowice, but his real test (and his team’s as a whole) will be between 25 and 27 January at the Season 3 European Qualifiers in Warsaw, Poland.

EU Fnatic line-up:

Picture and source: Fnatic



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