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PartinG joins SK Telecom T1

By Julian 'Twinkie449' Leischner
Jan 14, 2013 18:16

ImageThree days after the announcement of PartinG joining a KeSPA team the final decision has been made. He now is part of SK Telecom T1.

Almost two weeks ago KR Lee-Sak 'PartinG' Won left StarTale and nobody knew if he would join a foreign or a KeSPA team. Three days ago it was publicly announced that he would join a KeSPA team and today everybody knows its SK Telecom T1.

He has been called the best player in the world in 2012. With first places at WCG 2012, the Blizzard WCS 2012 and second places at the Blizzard Cup and the Blizzard WCS: Asia Finals he made quite an impression on a lot of people, not to mention a GSL semifinal placement and two more big third places at WCG Korea and Blizzard WCS: South Korea nationals.

With all these achievements and three All Kills in team leagues in 2012 on his resume StarTale was no longer able to pay him what he demanded and therefore had to let him go. Although the general opinion tended towards him joining a foreign team he hinted to desire a contract with KeSPA. This wish has now been fulfilled.

In SK Telecom T1 he not only finds a new team but also a fellow Protoss mastermind, KR Jung 'Rain' Yoon Jong. What devious deeds this combination will produce remains to be seen but they will surely not regret putting them together. Although PartinG will not be able to participate in Proleague until round 4 he can start representing his new team in solo competitions. His first chance to do so will be the Extreme Masters Season VII - Katowice.

Source: Daily eSports



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