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NA S3 Qualifiers: Game 2 of Day 3 Semifinals

By Andrew 'Toxicvip' Fong
Jan 14, 2013 02:54

ImageOnly the top five teams of the tournament in Los Angeles can qualify for the League of Legends Championship Series. With the chance to compete as salaried professional players, tension remains high. Meat Playground faces off against MRN in the second match-up of the day. Both teams are in a do or die situation; continue reading to find out who will reign victorious.

Both teams are pursuing the final spot in the finals against DNG, and Sunday is the last chance to make it into season 3. MRN is coming off a tough loss to The Brunch Club in a 2-0 match-up, and MP is also hoping to strike back from their 2-0 loss to Team FeaR Gaming.

US MRN vs US Meat Playground

Game 1:

MRN: Elise, Malphite, Evelynn
MP: Jarvan IV, Riven, Anivia

MRN: Ezreal, Shen, Sona, Katarina, Irelia
MP: Kha'Zix, Amumu, Nunu, Kog'Maw, Cho'Gath


MP's strategy revolved around a hard crowd control composition with emphasis on a late game reset assassin. MP was built for the late game and did exactly that. Other than an even tower trade between 2v1 top and bottom lane swaps, both teams played very conservatively awaiting ultimate’s from both Shen and Amumu. First blood went to MRN from a level 6 Shen Stand United onto Irelia and an easy kill onto Cho'Gath at top lane; however, MP responded with an early dragon.

The first team-fight emerges at MP's mid lanes turret. Four members of MRN aggressively push forward, but Amumu Bandage Toss's with his Curse of the Sad Mummy in response. Ezreal dives in to kill Amumu, however sacrifices his life for a 2 for 1 trade in MP's favor.

With a built up Kha'Zix and Kog'Maw, MP forces a fight at Dragon. Cho'Gath teleports from top lane, while Amumu pops his ultimate. Kog'Maw takes out two champions, however Katarina counters with a triple kill thanks to Shen's Stand United shield. Ezreal cleans up for the ace onto MP and secures the Dragon and a 5 for 4 trade.

Kha'Zix finishes his Last Whisper; with 3 resets on his jump, he allows MP to turn around a pushed-out MRN group for a 3 for 0 trade. MP takes a substantial gold lead and continues to press their lead. In team-fights Cho'Gath and Amumu were simply too dominant in keeping Katarina from bursting out MP's carries.

With a massive 5v5 team-fight at Dragon, Katarina is focused out early from a Feast from Cho'Gath. Kog'Maw cleans up with an impressive Flash juke against Ezreal's Mystic Shot and secures a triple kill. Then, chasing a fleeing Shen, Cho'Gath barely takes him out in a close 1v1 battle.

MP then goes aggressive with Oracles Elixir and push out all the wards at Baron camp preparing for a fight. MP baits MRN and assassinates 3 members of their team. This leads to the final push with Kha'Zix easily deleting Ezreal off the map and MP taking the first game of the match-up.

Winner: US Meat Playground

Game 2:

MRN: Evelynn, Kha'Zix, Malphite
MP: Jarvan IV, Riven, Anivia

MRN: Shen, Taric, Olaf, Ahri, Urgot
MP: Nunu, Amumu, Katarina, Kog'Maw, Cho'Gath


With the risk of missing out on the Season 3 Championship Series, MRN needed to come out strong in the second game of the match-up. MP picked a very similar team composition compared to game one, however their positioning and team-fight execution lacked finesse in game two.

Both teams started by invading each-others jungles, and secured blue buff for both junglers. This time, there were no early lane swaps, and Cho'Gath and Amumu combined to take out Olaf at top lane. MP reacted by tower diving Cho'Gath at bottom lane with a successful Shen taunt and a beastly Urgot.

Even with the assistance of Shen's Stand United, Urgot's ultimate catches a fleeing Kog'Maw, and MP secure a convincing 3 for nothing trade. In response, Amumu ganks bottom lane under the turret and combo's in for a 2 for nothing trade and an early Dragon.

The game went on back and fourth trading 1 for 1 battles in numerous scenarios. It wasn't until a five versus five team-fight emerged at mid lane. Catching MP out of position, MRN charge in for a 4 for 0 trade, turret, and Baron. MRN takes a substantial lead in the game.

MRN bait a team-fight near Baron, and Urgot catches MP's ADC out of position swapping places with him with his ultimate. With Baron buff, MRN pushes all lanes and head deep into MP's base. In a desperation fight, MP attempts to force MRN into retreat, however MRN turn the fight around and steamroll right back in for the Nexus and the win.

Winner: US MRN

Game 3:

MRN: Evelynn, Kha'Zix, Malphite
MP: Jarvan IV, Riven, Anivia

MRN: Olaf, Nocturn, Ahri, Taric, Urgot
MP: Shen, Cho'Gath, Nunu, Vladimir, Vayne


Game 3 starts off with a bang. Team MRN catches MP's Cho'Gath trying to ward Lizard Camp, and Nocturn secures the quick level 1 first blood. MRN used this early advantage to really put the heat on MP's early game. Aggressive counter jungling and consistent bottom lane ganks, helped MRN's Urgot push forward in creep score and keep Vayne from reaching her late game.

Urgot was the story of this game. On numerous occasions, he was able to catch fleeing and out of position champions for convincing kills. Even with a few successful ganks from Cho'Gath onto Olaf, Nocturns overall map presence and Urgots utility devastated multiple team encounters in favor of MRN.

In a team fight at mid lane, MP chase onto MRN for a 5 versus 4 situation. It resolved in an even 3 for 3 trade thanks to Olaf's Teleport, however it was more beneficial for MP because Vayne was able to survive and catch up.

Then everything went downhill for MP. Everything was going in favor for MRN, keeping up the massive gold differential by taking numerous Dragons and pressuring multiple lanes at once. Vayne gets caught out of position, and Nocturn seizes the opportunity to cast Paranoia for a four for nothing trade as well as two of MP's turrets. In desperation, MP respawns and charges after a weakened MRN trying to return to base. Even though MRN was still weak from the previous engagement, they were able to kite down Cho'Gath and Vladimir who were arguably being too greedy.

With the gold difference at 11,000 and the score at 14-5, things were not looking too great for MP. Trying to stop MRN from picking up Baron, MP charges in. At one point during the fight, it looked as if Vayne could handle 3 members of MRN, however Olaf was able to divert attention from his team with a marathon run, surviving with 100 hp. Another fight emerges at Baron and with a little light of hope, Cho'Gath Flashes in for the Feast steal. However, Urgot went to work and landed back-to-back Position Reversals on Vladimir and left MP's AP carry with little emphasis in the last team fight.

After taking Baron buff, MRN makes a final push onto bottom turrets inhibitor, steamrolls through the opposition with a four for nothing trade, the nexus, and the win. MRN moves onto face DNG in the finals for a spot in the Season 3 Championship Series.

Winner: US MRN



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