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MYM back with a Starcraft II roster

By Tobias 'noxilicious' .
Jan 14, 2013 01:06

ImageThe well known organisation Meet Your Makers revealed that they will be back in the Starcraft II scene as they picked up two players for an academy lineup. Those two are no unknown players and should definitely assure MYM some attention.

It came by surprise but the German organisation is back in Starcraft II. They are back with just an academy team for now, but both players of the current lineup are well known and not the typical kind of players you would expect in an academy lineup.

KR Soo 'Dragon' Jeon Yong is known because of his streaming and trolling of his opponents. He has played for SlayerS, been with Millenium for a long time before he decided to focus on HotS. He does not have any major victories at tournaments, so it is surprising that MYM decided to pick him up.

The second player is no other than KR Jeon 'PhoeNix' YoungSik who has been playing for Type Gaming. He achieved some decent results at some IEM events but has no big success so far either.

So both players are lacking some success, but they are not completely unknown either. If more players are to be picked up and if there is going to be a 'normal team' is not known.




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