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compLexity's gaming house closed

By Julian 'Twinkie449' Leischner
Jan 13, 2013 23:02

ImageIt was compLexity's second try but they once again ended their (dream-) project gaming house, deciding they could put the money to better use.

In an interview with ESFI compLexity Gaming founder Jason Lake has revealed that the residing players have left the house and the lease has not been renewed.

The idea was not only to create a home and a good training environment for their own players but to give teams from all over the world the chance to stay in the house while attending several tournaments. This would make expensive hotels obsolete, at least to a certain degree, and players wouldn't have to travel to the US for one tournament and return for the next two weeks later.

Until it's closure the house was inhabited by US Kevin 'qxc' Riley, US Michael 'goswser' Dobler, US Gage 'Sasquatch' Dubose, US Joshua 'TriMaster' Niven, some players from their other gaming teams and player manager Scott Ford. KR Kim 'GanZi' Dong Joo also stayed for some time until he left compLexity. While in the house all players were on a training schedule, maybe one of the factors why Goswser has improved enough to make it to the round of 8 of Iron Squid Chapter II beating KR Jong-Hyun 'Mvp' Jung 3:0 in the Round of 16, only falling 3:2 to KR Seung Hyun 'Life' Lee.

Although compLexity's management decided to rather invest the money in new star players, which they are currently lacking, they have not yet given up on the idea of a gaming house. According to Jason Lake they were "swinging for a home run on this one, and we got a double.". Maybe after some new player additions they will again find the time and money to set up another house and get it right this time.

Source: ESFI



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