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frozt joins 4Nothing, sgares leave

By (._.) 'DisappointedGuy' .
Jan 1, 2013 21:29

ImageMore lineup changes have been announced in North American teams. After the deparure of juv3nile, Curse lose now Carey "frozt" Kertenian, who will join Team 4Nothing as fifth player replacing Sean "sgares" Gares.

The new year started with changes for the North American Counter-strike: Global Offensive's scene. Following the departure of US Preston 'juv3nile' Dornon from, the roster face now a new loss due to US Carey Carey 'frozt' Kertenian Kertenian leaving the structure. Kertenian will continue his career wearing the US 4Nothing's colors replacing US Sean 'sgares' Gares who decided to step down from the troop.

Gares revealed that he is now involved in a full time job which does not allow him to get enough free time to attend all the tournaments on 4Nothing's future schedule, and also confirmed his plans to play for another squad in the running ESEA Invite.

Kory "semphis" Friesen stated about the change:
"It's a shame Sean had to leave the team as nobody ever wants to make roster changes when nothing is wrong. As we had to replace him, we have acquired frozt to do it. The reason we chose frozt is he fits into all of Sean's roles and it's an easy transition with the only major change being DaZeD calling strats from now on."

4Nothing are now:
US Sam "DaZeD" Marine
US Carey "frozt" Kertenian
US Spencer "hiko" Martin
CA Kory "semphis" Friesen
US Trey "tck" Martin

The team is currently competing on the 13rd Season of the ESEA Invite as defending champions. Their first LAN presentation is still not confirmed as they dropped the attendance to the upcoming RyuLAN.

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