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3DMAX's xlo retires

By (._.) 'DisappointedGuy' .
Dec 29, 2012 16:57

Image3DMAX suffer another lose as its in-game leader Tomas "xLo" Falden decided to end his gaming career to focus mainly in the growth of a company. With Falden leaving the roster, the Nordic team consist now of only three members.

The danish squadron 3DMAX dk announced that its in-game leader DK Tomas 'xlo' Falden is retiring. The reason for the player to stop playing is that he plans to focus mainly in the growth of a company that aims to the development of web pages.

Tomas "xLo" Falden's statement:
"Today is a sad yet positive day for me - today is the day I stop being an active counter strike player and enter a world of real life business.

It has been almost nine really exciting and interesting years of gaming for me, those years has brought me a lot of experiences, allowed me to meet amazing and interesting people and allowed me to grow not only as a gamer but as a person - I take satisfaction in knowing how much I have gained from all the years i have spend gaming and how much of it I have already integrated into different areas of my work.

The reason I stop is based on my future, I will after new year become partner in a company that make homepages, and I have to focus my time and attention towards the growth of that company.

Last but not least I would like to thank the people that rarely gets any credit - the guys behind the scene, the media, the admins and the sponsors - you all know who you are, so thank you :)"

With this lose, the Nordic troop is now left with only three players after DK Dennis 'vnG' Vang also took the decision to split ways with the French organization before the kick-off of the past NorthCon.

3DMax incomplete roster:
DK Søren "socN" Falke
DK Kristoffer "gravityy" Søholm
DK Peter "Dupreeh" Rasmussen




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