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SK Gaming and MC sign for 2013

By Alexander T. 'TheSlaSH' Müller-Rodic
Dec 28, 2012 17:44

ImageWe are happy to announce that Min Chul ‘MC‘ Jang earlier in December accepted the offer we put on the table to sign with him for 2013. The winner of Homestory Cup IV, IEM Worldchampionship and Red Bull Battlegrounds in 2012 will return to the international tournament circuit proudly representing the SK tag next year.

The Korean super star Min Chul 'MC' Jang, who signed with SK in January 2012 was offered an extension of his contract early in December this year. Negotiations were rather short as the handshake took place only 5 minutes after the offer was officially made at the SK offices in Cologne, Germany during his stay in for the latest edition of the Homestory Cup.

We have such a long and successful history in RTS games ever since the very first WarCraft III players were signed back in the days.

In 2012 MC held up the SK banner in a way we hoped it would happen, climaxing when Min Chul won the IEM Worldchampionship and by that following June 'Lyn' Park who won the IEM Worldchampionship in WarCraft III in 2008.

MC is 100% the player that we always wanted on our roster and we are more than happy that he feels the same way about his team!

Salute our Boss Toss and cheer for him in 2013!



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