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Changes in iNation & BGDonLINE

By Aleksandar 'SENTii' Rakić
Dec 27, 2012 09:56

ImageAfter recently completing DEFUSE OPEN #2 tournament, where BGDonLINE took the victory, we could sense changes in the team iNation. A team that is accustomed to success, a team which tournament without at least a grand final consider like failure, was eliminated in the semis of DEFUSE OPEN #2.

On DEFUSE OPEN #2 iNation primarily suffered defeat against BGDonLINE in group stage, and in the end was smashed by the team Disco in the semifinals. That was the end of the road for iNation with two new players. E-Frag contacted kassad, who has been in the tournament as coach of team iNation, but he was also a player of Disco, the team that eliminated them from the tournament.

""We had to react quickly, and we decided to replace Filip "filip" Ratković,
who is a very good player, but he failed to fit our specific game system in a
short time, which has affected his game and the games that has provided so far.
Also, with mine departure as a player, EMI has assumed the role of team-leader
and he has not been able to provide the kind of performance we were used to,
just because of that "extra" duties. "

This change "returned" iNation to the old lineup, as now the only change in this team is that Jordan "JORDAN" Tašković, who has previously said he would not go into the Global Offensive water, as this is not a game for him, was replaced with Marko "SHEV" Krajčeski.

RS Luka "EMI" Vuković
RS Nestor "1NTEL" Tanić
RS Aleksandar "kassad" Trifunović
RS Marko "SHEVCHUk" Krajčeski
BA Nikola "nIKOLINHO" Kovač

Something simpler situation is with Serbian champions and champions of DEFUSE OPEN #2 tournament. They have invited to this tournament Nemanja "nEGRo" Negrojević, a former player of urbanExperience. He replaced Filip "philip" Jovanović. Filip was unable to play in the tournament, although he later attended the same, but because of commitments he missed most of the day. Therefore BGDonLINE players invited neGRo as a stand-in, who brilliantly played ASUS Gaming Festival, and although he was one of the best players in Serbia in Counter-Strike 1.6 now goes as one of the best Global Offensive players. We know that Filip will have the obligation to devote to other things until March 2013, so the team had to find a replacement. At first it seemed that nEGRo will replace philip only in DEFUSE OPEN #2, however, we learned that Nemanja is the new fifth member of the team, and that philip was again go inactive.

RS Nebojša "shok1ca" Ocokoljić
RS Bogdan "MASiNA" Bogdanović
RS Velimir "egzekut0r" Atanasovski
RS Aleksa "axelera" Srećković
RS Nemanja "nEGRo" Negrojević
RS Filip "philip" Jovanović (inactive)




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