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Olympus Champions Winter - Group Stage over

By Irena 'curlychan' Pencheva
Dec 23, 2012 23:25

ImageOnGameNet's third League of Legends tournament has been in full force during the last two months. Let's have a look at how things have unfolded in the group stage.

The 12 top Korean teams started the fight for the title of Winter Champions in early November and have played 5 group matches and one interleague (between teams from different groups) match since then. The competition has been even more fierce than in the previous editions of the tournament as new teams have joined and successfully outshined the previous winners, the two Azubu squads.

The matches in group stage were played in Best of 2 format - if a team won both games, they got 3 points, otherwise both teams received 1 point each.

Here are the results of the group stage, the top 4 teams advance in the round of 8:

Group A
KR Azubu Frost 2-4-0 / 10 p.
KR MVP Ozone 2-3-1 / 9 p.
KR Incredible Miracle 2-3-1 / 9 p.
KR KT Rolster Arrows 1-5-0 / 8 p.

KR NaJin White Shield 1-3-2 / 6 p.
KR Team OP 0-3-3 / 3 p.

Group B
KR KT Rolster Bullets 5-1-0 / 16 p.
KR Azubu Blaze 4-1-1 / 13 p.
KR NaJin Black Sword 3-1-2 / 10 p.
KR CJ Entus 2-0-4 / 6 p.

KR GSG 0-2-4 / 2 p.
KR MVP Blue 0-2-4 / 2 p.

Now the tournament will enter its bracket stage where the matches will be Best of 5 with the 5th game, if it comes to it, being played in a blind pick mode. As the teams have recently started playing on the Season 3 patch we can probably expect a lot of Pantheon and Teemo mirror matches and all other kinds of unexpected "cheesy" strategies.

Round of 8:
KR Azubu Frost vs KR CJ Entus - 26 December, 10:30 CET
KR Azubu Blaze vs KR Incredible Miracle - 28 December, 10:30 CET
KR MVP Ozone vs KR NaJin Black Sword - 2 January, 10:30 CET
KR KT Rolster Arrows vs KR KT Rolster Bullets - 4 January, 10:30 CET

Make sure to tune in for the quarter-final games as they promise to be really entertaining and show us a glimpse of what to expect from the Korean teams in future international tournaments!



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