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TheOgnis joins ROOT Gaming

By Tobias 'noxilicious' .
Dec 19, 2012 18:30

ImageThe American organisation ROOT Gaming was able to sign the second good player in a short time after Quantic Gaming disbanded. It seems that ROOT was able to get quite some good players. Now another person, who is supposed to be a talented player, joins.

While a lot of other organisations lose good players, ROOT Gaming seems to be back on track as they were able to pick up quite some good players. They might have lost a few players, but that doesn't seem to stop them.

The American Terran US Michael 'theognis' McClelland joins and is supposed to be a good addition to the roster. Although notable success is yet missing, the organisation seems happy to have him in the roster. He was able to qualify for WCS North America and also managed to get into IPL5, but beside that there is nothing really worth mentioning.

Statement of CatZ:
"The first time I played against theognis in sc2, he was smurfing in someone else's account. I remember a game on Lost Temple, none of the Thor drop shenaningan's, a nice long macro zvt game (I am talking about a couple years ago)

I had no idea who I was playing, but I was sure he was a fantastic player. He would do "unorthodox" things like tank drop + wall off the ramp that would lead to his siege. He had brilliant moves and decision making, just sick. Its rare that I get excited from playing someone or watching someone play and even if I lose all I can think is "omg so much potential" or "he's so smart!" I remember clearly, Theognis was one of the people that made me sit and think of how smart he was and how good he could become.

Not long after that, I invited Theognis to join ROOT, but his team was about to be absorbed by Quantic and he chose to stay there (this is the first ROOT we're talking about, before disbanding). Theo is one of the few that "got away" and I am incredibly happy to finally have him join our family.

I think that Theognis is already a great player, but still has ridiculous potential, and I'm very excited to have him with us in time to see it explode."

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