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Fnatic's sOAZ Banned By Tribunal

By Dan 'Danheim' Greeno
Dec 19, 2012 03:34

ImageFnatic's very own sOAZ has been banned by majority vote by the Tribunal, he is one of the recent pro players to openly admit to being banned.

According to FR Paul 'sOAZ' Boyer via his Facebook page he is the most recent pro player to find themselves banned by way of the tribunal.

Paul "sOAZ" Boyer
"#banned, riot waited me to back home to ban me MEHHHHHHHH that game was 1 month ago or even more
for once, do i really deserv this fckin ban ? ( i'm irelia )
can still play ladder tho if i don't close my client ahah

As some of you will remember SK recently reported that Team Dignitas' IWillDominate received a permanent ban due to previous bans and his continued toxic behaviour within the community. Although sOAZ's ban is only temporary it makes us wonder who will be the next pro player to be banned from circuit play, and after Fnatic's recent success at IEM Cologne will teams like Fnatic start requiring their players to behave themselves in Solo Queue?

To see the cases he was punished for you can read further here.



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