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EloHell join Anexis

By Daniel 'DanielPY' Yordanov
Dec 18, 2012 16:45

ImageAfter an unsuccessful stint at EloHell, the former KMT join Anexis.

The polish line-up is looking strong as they house former players of teams such as FR LDLC, PL Team Acer and PL Clan Poland. Despite showing a lot of determination, the team came only to a 5/6th place finish at SG IEM Singapore last month.

Below is a statement from PL Radoslaw ''Ayden'' Kwiatkowski, manager of DE Anexis E-Sports:

"Most people would say ”you never know what you've got till it's gone” but I can tell here and now what we just get. A partnership with Anexis eSports...For months we’ve been looking for a suitable organization, which will fulfill our requirements and live up to our expectations. We are happy to announce, that League of Legends team known as KMT (previously will play under Anexis wings. We are hoping for a very long cooperation and mutual understanding which can affect our gameplay in a surprisingly positive way. I believe that together, we can achieve really big things on the esports scene."

PL Anexis.LoL:
PL Paweł 'Celaver' Koprianiuk - AP Mid
PL Krzysztof 'ArQuel' Sauć - AD Carry
PL Marcin 'Xaxus' Maczka - Top
PL Remigiusz 'Overpow' Pusch - Jungle
PL Mikolaj 'Elendix' Wyspianski - Support

Source: Absolute Legends



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