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Dignitas make changes

By Gustav 'Popss' Broström
Dec 17, 2012 21:00

ImageAfter two amazing tournaments with IPL5 and Northcon which just finished, many of the teams find themselves changing a lot in their line-ups. After a disappointing IPL5 for Team Dignitas, changes had to be made.

Team Dignitas roster seemed strong and they got off a good start in Shootmania with a second place at Gamescom and a victory at i46. But after a disappointing IPL5 and ESWC for dignitas Shootmania line-up, they felt as some changes had to be made. With Zaccubus being dropped from the team with kowa and GaRpY, Team Dignitas decided to support another Shootmania team with Zaccubus in the lead.

The new line-up will be:

SE Ted “kowa” Hansson
GB Gareth “GaRpY” Marshall
NL Frederiek “Frantic-” van Gammeren

Team Dignitas have however also announced that they will support an additional ShootMania line-up, consisting of the following players:

GB David ‘Zaccubus’ Treacy
GB Ziggy ‘nVc’ Orzeszek
GB Sam ‘vantastic´╗┐’ Hayter´╗┐

We wish these teams good luck in the future!



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