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CSPromod beta 1.10 ready and live

By (._.) 'DisappointedGuy' .
Dec 17, 2012 18:52

ImageJust a few days after the release of the 1.09 version of the mod, the CSP's development team released the next one. CSPromod Beta 1.10 includes various changes including bug fixes, new maps and various other tweaks.

Just a few days after the release of its 1.09 version, CSPromod's development team revealed the next step in the Beta stage. The 1.10 version of the CS modification, comes with a changelog that includes new models and animations as well as other various bug fixes and features tweaks.

Full changelog
Feature Additions
New Player Models
Added new SAS player model
Added new Phoenix player model (replaces the old leet)
New Player Animations
Replaced all player animations
Added AK/Galil hipfire pose for the Terrorist model
New Additional Models
Added new defuse kit model
Added new C4 bag model
Added custom shell models

Fixed not being able to pick up usps and glocks
Reduced fog density
Tweaked environment lighting
Increased cubemaps rendering resolution

Bug Fixes
Pushed a tentative fix for the respawn bug
Pushed a tentative fix for the unconnected scoreboard bug
Fixed insane difficulty level bots not attacking other players
Fixed TDM spawns being team based instead of random
Tweaks/Minor Changes
Revamped net_graph iconography and added new cvar (net_graph 5/6)
Revamped status icons (buyzone, bomb, defusekit) iconography
Lowered weapons volume
Tweaked main menu background
Tweaked scoreboard colors
Tweaked smoke grenade particle transparency
Tweaked blood sparks to be visible with and without kevlar
Tweaked deathcam transition speed
Added r_postprocessing to the CSP tab
Added and updated gamemodes related config files

In order to install the latest CSPromod version, it is recommended to delete or uninstall the previous version. If you wish to give it a try, you can find it clicking here.



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