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AZUBU about to expand SC II roster?!

By Tobias 'noxilicious' .
Dec 17, 2012 16:42

ImageAccording to ESFI, AZUBU is about to hire some more players for their Starcraft II roster. Famous Korean players and a legend are supposed to join and even more players are supposed to be in contact with AZUBU.

Apparently multiple sources confirmed to ESFI that AZUBU is about to announce some big news about their Starcraft II roster. KR Min-Soo 'Genius' Jung, KR Shee-Yoon 'Eve' Kim and KR Sung-Han 'Sleep' Kim, all former SlayerS members, are the latest additions to the roster. As a preparation for that, Mr. Sung Choon 'IntoTheRain' was added to the roster, which many people took as a strong indication for the addition of more players.

Rumours also say that KR Jun Hyuk 'InCa' Song and KR Jung Hoon 'TOP' Kim, both former oGs and apeX members, are in discussions with AZUBU and could also join in the future. They are not signed yet though. According to the AZUBU Facebook page the published lineup on some community sites is not yet complete, which could be an indication that InCa and TOP might join indeed.

The best for the end as AZUBU can also welcome a living legend: KR Yoon-Yeol 'NaDa' Lee. He is supposed to be the Starcraft II manager, but he will also be responsible for other tasks, as he states in an interview, which was published by AZUBU.

With those new players and the new manager, AZUBU could become a strong and fearsome team, that can go head to head with the best of the best. Will two more players be added? What else has AZUBU planned?

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