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IEM Cologne Grand Finals: Fnatic vs SK Telecom T1

By Krasimir 'fmde' Kolev
Dec 16, 2012 23:17

ImageWhat an awesome event IEM Cologne has been! Ending it with a proper Grand Final should be the way to go! Check out how the clash of the continents goes, when fnatic meets SK TT1 in the battle for the grand prize!

The two teams met in the group stage, where the European team managed to score the win and eventually end up winning their respective group. SK TT1 have come a long way and are hungry for blood! Will the Korean team manage to get their revenge and win the grand prize?

KR SK Telecom T1 S vs EU Fnatic

Game 1:

SK TT1: Katarina, Diana, Cho'Gath
Fnatic Jax, Evelynn, Rengar

SK TT1: Zyra, Olaf, Amumu, Miss Fortune, Ryze
Fnatic: Lee Sin, Ezreal, Blitzcrank, Ahri, Xin Zhao


Knowing what was at stake, both teams decided not to go for crazy level 1 aggressive plays. This however didn't prevent the Korean team from catching Soaz's Lee Sin in the river and securing first blood.

The start of the game couldn't get any worse for Fnatic, as they were down 6 kills before the 5 minute mark, they slowly made an effort to come back however and for some time the Europeans were just slightly behind. They managed to secure the first Dragon of the game.

From that point however it seemed that SK Telecom T1 put their foot on the throttle and kills began to appear on the scoreboard on both sides. Fnatic nearly scored an Ace around the Dragon pit, killing 4 players and the Dragon in the process. Their efforts however were quickly shut down - the very solid Korean squad were out for blood and knowing they have the upper hand, they took it straight to fnatic's base, winning game 1 of the series.

Winner: KR SK Telecom T1 S

Game 2:

SK TT1: Katarina, Cho'Gath, Rengar
Fnatic Jax, Evelynn, Miss Fortune

SK TT1: Diana, Olaf, Sona, Kha'Zix, Kog'Maw
Fnatic: Lee Sin, Zyra, Amumu, Caitlyn, Blitzcrank


The question was, did fnatic manage to shake it off and go back on the winning path like they did before? The answer was yes - they managed to secure first blood in 45 seconds, when Soaz's Lee Sin killed enemy Diana, who he caught in the river.

After realizing their mistake from game 1, where they played too passive, almost letting SK TT1 win, this time they were the team that was dictating the rules in the game. First Dragon was also in their favor, as the Korean team wasn't able to contest it, as their ward coverage wasn't that great early on in the game.

The game deciding events happened just 20 minutes into the game: in an attempt to close the gap difference in gold, SK TT1 went to secure the Dragon, which they eventually did, but Fnatic came in swinging and took 4 kills in response. Afer that the European team went straight to securing an uncontested Baron and pushing their gold lead to 8k.

Having the advantage, xPeke and the boys continued pushing down their enemy's middle lane and forcing them to surrender after losing first the inner turret, inhibitor turret, 3 kills and inhibitor. The series is now tied at 1:1

Winner: EU Fnatic

Game 3

SK TT1: Katarina, Rengar, Diana
Fnatic Jax, Evelynn, Miss Fortune

SK TT1: Zyra, Amumu, Olaf, Karthus, Kog'Maw
Fnatic: Lee Sin, Cho'Gath, Caitlyn, Orianna, Leona


The third and final game in the best-of-three series was the one to decide it all. Both teams invaded enemy jungles, trading blue buffs to each other, then resuming the usual path.

First blood came relatively late: 5 minutes into the game Soaz, who played a phenomenal Lee Sin during the previous two games, yet again managed to score the kill, with a little help from Cyanide's Cho'Gath. Just a minute after, the Europeans also got the first tower of the game.

The pace wasn't as aggressive as the previous two games, which was normal, knowing what was at stake. Loads of 1v1 and 2v2 skirmishes were happening all over the map, but SK TT1's late game setup was starting to kick in, the more the game was reaching it's late stages. Both teams managed to secure 1 uncontested dragon each - first fnatic, then SK Telecom T1.

First big teamfight came around minute 22, in a 5 for 1 exchange, the Korean team managed to score the ace, then proceed to take outer and inner middle towers and pushing their gold lead to roughly around 6k. At this point they looked towards Baron. This is where the action was concentrated for the next few minutes. After another huge teamfight in favor of SK TT1 (4 for 3), neither team could secure the Baron. Being so far ahead however, the Korean team started looking away from the buff and onto enemy base.

Roughly around 36 minutes into the game, SK TT1 managed to score yet another ace, this time however fnatic couldn't come back and the Koreans won the game and the tournament! Congratulations and well played by both teams!

Winner: KR SK Telecom T1 S



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