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Westrice parts ways with Curse

By Koray 'DoubleK' Kocyigit
Dec 16, 2012 17:49

ImageAfter a few months of being a substitute, the American Top-Laner Westrice wants to close the chapter "Curse" and says "Good Bye!". In addition to his dissatisfaction he talks about his future.

In US Team Curse he was known as a player who prefers to dominate his Top-Lane with Champions like Riven, Darius and many more. US Jon 'Westrice' Nguyen joined the American team a half year ago and took part in many events. But now, after someone else took over his position, he talks about changes in his live after he left Curse and wrote a statement which appeared on Reddit today.

Jon "Westrice" Nguyen´s Statement on Reddit:
" Hi, I'm Westrice and I'm no longer a part of Team Curse.

I'm gonna be brief because I wrote a wall of text and accidentally closed the browser and lost it all l0l.
Anyways, it has been a great year being with Curse. I made new friends and learned new things. However, being a sub for a few months feels dull and extremely boring and made me miss playing competitively. It just feels like I'm doing nothing right now. I'm happy and sad about this. Happy because I get to explore new opportunities and continue moving forward, but sad because I won't see my best friend as much. I regret nothing ever since joining Curse (maybe except PAX) as it was definitely an experience.
What am I going to do now? Well, I've got plans to go back to school and continue my regular life and hopefully find another team thats better for me. I'll still continue streaming and answer fan questions and play fan games, but just not under the crs tag. I'm staying in California because this is my home and where my family lives. Pretty much everything is the same since two months ago when I got benched - I just won't be living in the new house.
Thank you Liquid and Curse for this opporunity and thanks to all of my fans (yes you irisrice) for supporting me all the way! 'u' "

We wish Westrice good luck and hope that he'll conquer again his Top-Lanes in a new team soon.



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