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IEM Cologne Group A: Millenium vs Mouz

By Daniel 'DanielPY' Yordanov
Dec 14, 2012 21:30

ImageHaving their backs against the wall, both teams will have to bring on their very best to stay alive in the tournament.

Elimination was out of the question for the competing squads as they went fully concentrated into the match. A win was a must for both as they entered the Summoner's Rift.

EU Millenium vs EU mousesports

Millenium: Rengar, Katarina, Xin'Zhao
Fnatic: Diana, Lee Sin, Jax

Millenium: Blitzcrank, Mundo, Vayne, Shen, Zyra
Mouz: Gragas, Olaf, Ezreal, Cho'Gath, Nunu

The game began with a blue buff trade. First blood came quick as BE Karim 'ImSoFresh' Bbahla eliminated DE Roland 'Prothana' Runge. Mere seconds later, the same three-man dive equalized the game as EU mousesports returned the “favor”. After a couple of “quiet” minutes, PL Jakub 'Creaton' Grzegorzewski stepped it up and eliminated two enemy champions to spearhead his team into the gold lead. A turnaround followed when DE Maik 'MoMa' Wallus scored a triple-kill as mouz aced their opponents and took down dragon. They continued to solidify their lead with a couple of kills on top.

MoMa and the lads were the more active bunch as they picked off opponents who were out of position which gave them a 3,000 gold lead. Two kills near dragon pit gave EU Millenium some hope. Later, a massive battle on bot lane went in favor of Creaton’s team as they eliminated four enemies. Both teams continued to wage battles across the map with no clear victor in kills. Despite this, mouz still had a small gold lead.

At the 28th minute mark, Millenium caught their enemies off-guard and grabbed three kills. Consequently, baron Nashor was dispatched and an ace followed. With the buff, they continued to push mouz back and after a dominant performance from Creaton, Millenium took the game and stayed alive in the tournament.

WINNER: EU Millenium




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