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IEM Cologne Group A: SK TT1 vs Fnatic

By Daniel 'DanielPY' Yordanov
Dec 14, 2012 20:40

ImageThe clash of the two favorites of Group A is setting the stage for a spectacle of amazing teamwork and breathtaking plays!

Both teams were in the zone as they came strong from victories in their initial matches against FR Millenium and DE mousesports , respectively.

KR SK Telecom T1 S vs EU Fnatic

SK TT1: Blitzcrank, Rengar, Lee Sin
Fnatic: Jax, Diana, Evelyn

SK TT1: Kha'Zix, Cho'Gath, Twisted Fate, Sona, Vayne
Fnatic: Katarina, Amumu, Ezreal, Xin'Zhao, Zyra

The game started perfectly for Fnatic as they managed to invade and steal the red buff, while FR Paul 'sOAZ' Boyer almost managed to take down KR Bok 'Reapered' Han-gyu. Second time was the charm for ES Enrique Javier 'xPeke' Cedeño Martinez and FI Lauri 'Cyanide' Happonen as they landed a brilliant first blood onto Twisted Fate. KR SK Telecom T1 S did equalize, but the trade was unfavourable as Sona dispatched Zyra. A piece of genius by xPeke turned to a double kill for his Katarina as he eliminated Reapered and Mightily at top lane.

Despite the initial cold shower, the Koreans scored two kills on bot lane to reduce their gold deficit. From this point on, both teams traded kills with EU Fnatic retaining a 2,000 gold lead. A massive battle near dragon ensued at the 18th minute mark, where Fnatic lost the extra gold, but snatched four kills while giving away only two. Just as the game seemed to hit a stalemate, the Europeans showcased teamwork that was out of this world as they aced SK TT1 without losing a single member. Consequently, they took down the second mid turret, secured the baron buff and skyrocketed to a 7,000 gold lead.

They continued to bully their opponents and take down towers. This lead to a final slip-up which devastated Reapered’s team as Fnatic took home the game.





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