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IEM Cologne Group A: SK TT1 vs Mousesports

By Joe 'YouGoJoe23' Staller
Dec 14, 2012 19:00

ImageThe recently acquired team from SK TT1 that was formerly Eat, Sleep, Game faces off against Mousesports, a team that is no stranger to League of Legends and the broader E-sports scene.

Due to the recent domination coming out of the Asian scene, some people are wary of rooting for any other teams in fear of their dreams being crushed by these powerhouses. IEM Cologne kicks off with a heated match between the veteran Mousesports and the relatively new SK TT1.

KR SK Telecom T1 S vs DE mousesports

Game 1:

SK TT1: Anivia, Rengar, Karthus
Mouz: Twisted Fate, Evelynn, Zyra

SK TT1: Sona, Lee Sin, Diana, Corki, Jax
Mouz: Ezreal, Leona, Xin Zhao, Cho'Gath, Shen

This game takes a while to get going, with both teams farming out to level 6 before any real action gets started. The first big move, a foreshadowing of things to come, is when SK TT1 sends Diana and their jungle Lee top to assist Jax in getting a kill on to Shen. Not ones to be outdone, Mouz dives in on the Korean bot lane and manages to secure kills on to both Corki and Sona with the assistance of Shen's ultimate. Jax responds by taking top turret, and picking up another kill on Shen when he returns to lane.

With the Koreans starting to pull ahead, Mouz make some risky plays bottom, and after a lot of back and forth fighting with the inclusion of both junglers, Diana manages to pick up a double kill. Mouz turns it around by picking off Corki, taking bot outer turret, the Dragon, and an overly-aggressive Lee trying to smite-steal it.

As the players begin getting their core items, a full team fight breaks out at Mouz's blue buff and SK TT1 is crushed by the AP Cho'Gath/Ezreal damage, losing Diana and Jax. Mouz follows this victory up by taking the top turret and another Dragon. Later, as Jax pushes top up a little too far, he is picked off and Mouz takes SK TT1's mid outer turret, but are eventually pushed back and lose theirs in response.

As Mouz aims to push up bot inner turret they hesitate slightly and end up not committing. This signals Jax to dive in on Mouz, resulting in an ace for SK TT1, who only lose Jax. Sensing they are ahead now, SK TT1 head to Baron and secure it cleanly. Immediately afterwards Sona lands a beautiful Crescendo on to Mouz and SK TT1 turn on them hard, netting three kills and mid all the way to the inhibitor.

After a couple of good fights for SK TT1 and more base destruction, the game ends off with an ace for SK TT1 and the magnificent "fwap fwap BOOM" sound of Jax beating the nexus down.

WINNER: KR SK Telecom T1 S




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