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SaSe joins Gama Bears temporarily

By Tobias 'noxilicious' .
Dec 14, 2012 00:17

ImageThe Swedish Protoss found a new home for a short period of time. He will go to Taiwan, where he will live and practise with his team, Gama Bears. This cooperation will be limited by time.

As the American organisation US Quantic Gaming was shut down a short while ago, many players have been without a team. Some of them were also looking for a new home. SE Kim 'SaSe' Hammar will go to Taiwan for two or three weeks to join his Gama Bears teammates at their gaming house.

He will be able to play five televised matches in the Taiwan eSports League (TeSL) for his team. The main purpose for SE SaSe seems to be the chance to train. He also clarified in his tweet that he will not stay with the team for too long.

The organization is quite famous though and the TeSL has an exchange program which allows Taiwanese teams to bring in foreign players who will play for them for a certain amount of time. Apparently, SaSe will use that time to practice and train. It is not yet known where he will go once his time with Gama Bears is over.

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