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IEM Cologne Preview

By Irena 'curlychan' Pencheva
Dec 13, 2012 23:11

ImageThe third tournament of IEM's 7th season, this time featuring only League of Legends, will take place from 14 to 16 December in the newly built ESL Arena in Cologne. Read on for details about the teams, the schedule and more.

After the Season 2 European Regionals that took place at Gamescom earlier this year, the IEM return to Cologne once again. 8 teams will battle for the prize pool of $ 50 000 ad valuable points for the IEM ranking that can grant them a spot at the World Championship at CeBit. This time though we won't see an EU only tournament but two Korean teams as well setting foot for the first time in Europe and the West as a whole (there should have been NA participants as well but they all cancelled their invitations).

First let's take a look at the two groups and then at the teams.

Group A

Group B

The big names

There are two teams which most people expect to see in the final (though maybe the Korean participants changed that a bit). They are no others than CLG.EU and Fnatic. While the former has been a force to be reckoned with through all of Season 2, the latter came back in the group of the best teams very recently by winning DreamHack Winter against no other than CLG.EU and taking second at IPL 5 with an amazing performance.

Some can say that CLG are on a bit of a tilt but no one should ever underestimate their great team coordination and individual skill. On the other hand Fnatic turned overnight during IPL 5 into a big fan favourites and considering they only lost to CN World Elite there anything less than first place in Cologne would be a disappointment for them. What's more, this will probably be the last event for their 16 years old superstar SE Martin 'Rekkles' Larsson (unless Riot changed their mind which seems doubtful) at least for a while so he would be really pumped to leave an unforgettable last impression by carrying his team to victory.

The newly-formed and the established

It would be an understatement to call the last week in the European competitive scene unexpected. Two members of EU Team Curse EU left the team and joined FR Eclypsia only to be released as a whole team by them a day later and find a new home at Millenium. There were rumours around the community even before that that LT Aurimas 'Angush' Gedvilas and PL Jakub 'Creaton' Grzegorzewski would sub for Eclypsia at Cologne, so they probably did some training together already. The line-up has a lot of potential so let's see just how good they will perform in their first tourney together.

Another quite interesting story from the last week is the mousesports line-up. It was announced that they released their old roster led by DE Maik 'MoMa' Wallus and acquired EU The Mighty Midgets . Despite that Moma and co won the EPS Germany and were invited to Cologne as a replacement for the not attending NA teams, which may have changed the organisation's opinion as the team is still wearing their name. As of now no official statement has been released so let's just sit back and enjoy the games that the boys will play. After all what name they are going by is not that important.

After the current line-up of Alternate was formed shortly after Season 2 Regionals, there were quite a lot of expectations for them. Besides some online wins though they didn't exactly meet them as it seems high ELO isn't enough for a team to be highly successful. We got to point out though that they did qualify for IPL 5 and didn't attend only because of lack of sponsors following their EPS disqualification. Now DE Carl 'ForellenLord' Lückmann and his teammates will be looking to prove that they have a place among Europe's best so let's see how this goes.

Lastly from the European representatives we have Meet Your Makers, one of the few teams with next to no line-up changes since forever. They have been a serious contender in a lot of events but never really got their big win until the previous IEM event in Singapore just a few weeks ago. Even though that already got them a spot at the World Championship at CeBit they will still look to show their strengths but we'll have to see how they will fare against much stronger opponents.

Koreans.. and this time not the usual names

Up until now we've only seen the Azubu teams and KR NaJin Black Sword compete outside of Asia. Now we have two new names - CJ Entus and the just acquired team of SK Telecom, both really successful organisations from the days of Brood War. CJ competes in the OnGameNet's Winter season where they have 2 wins and 3 losses, while SK Telecom showed themselves for the first time just a couple of days ago winning the Korean qualifiers for Cologne. The latter's captain is no other than the ex top laner of KRAzubu Blaze, KR Bok 'Reapered' Han-gyu, so he'll hopefully bring his offline experience with him and give the European teams a run for their money.


Friday, 14 December
SKT1 vs. mousesports - 17:00 CET
Millenium vs. Fnatic - 18:15 CET
SKT1 vs. Fnatic - 19:30 CET
Millenium vs. Mousesports 20:45 CET
SKT1 vs. Millenium / Mousesports vs. Fnatic - 22:00 CET

Saturday, 15 December
MYM vs. CLG.EU - 17:00 CET
CJ Entus vs. Alternate - 18:15 CET
MYM vs. Alternate - 19:30 CET
CJ Entus vs. CLG.EU - 20:45 CET
MYM vs. CJ Entus / CLG.EU vs. Alternate - 22:00 CET

Sunday, 16 December
Semi-final #1 - 14:00 CET
Semi-final #2 - 16:45 CET
Final - 19:30 CET

The tournament will once again have a bunch of casters - our favourite duo Joe Miller & Deman, ButButButILY and Riot's Zenon and last but not least former SK Jungler ES Alvar 'Araneae' Martin Alenar, who will bring his pro player insight into the analyst desk.

Don't miss out on the last tournament for 2012, Summoners. Let's end this amazing year for League of Legends with some awesome matches!

Also check out if you want to place a bet on the outcome of the games!




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