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Heart of the Swarm Update #9

By Tobias 'noxilicious' .
Dec 13, 2012 01:42

ImageOne week ago Blizzard published Update #8 for HotS and it brought a lot of major changes. This time the update will not change a lot but the few changes could have a significant impact. Check the full news to find the details.

The Terran race will face another update with nerfs for their race. The widow mine's attack priority will be reduced, if the mine is unborrowed. The upgrades for vehicles and ships will be seperated again. Additionally the healing beam of the medivacs will have another colour, once the Caduceus reactor upgrade has been completed.

The sons of Aiur saw different changes, as the Oracle got slightly nerfed, while the Tempest has been buffed. The Dark Shrine will be a bit more expensive. This could cause a slight change in the meta game, as the Tempest might be used more often now.

Once again the Zergs will get another update with a buff only. Nothing will be nerfed but the Mutalisks will get even better. They don't just get the passive ability to regenerate health but the rate of that will be significantly buffed.

Full list of changes

Caduceus Reactor
The Medivac’s healing beam now changes color once the Caduceus Reactor upgrade is complete.

Widow Mine
Unburrowed Widow Mine attack priority decreased to 19, down from 20.
Burrowed Widow Mine attack priority remains unchanged.

Vehicle and Ship Weapon upgrades are once again separate.
Vehicle and Ship Plating upgrades are still combined.


Pulsar Beam
Pulsar Beam activation now costs 25 energy.
While active, Pulsar Beam now drains 2 energy per second, down from 4.

Kinetic Overload weapon damage vs. Massive increased from 30 to 50.

Dark Shrine
Dark shrine cost increased from 100/100 to 150/150.


New passive ability: Mutalisk Regeneration
Mutalisk health regeneration rate increased from .2734 to 1.

More and more updates have been released and the Zerg race still seems to be favoured so far. There are a lot of options for Zergs and the most of them seem very viable. Of course the next days and weeks will show what kind of impact the changes will have on the game.




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