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MODDIIfications in fnatic's roster

By Theo 'zeuSel' Codreanu
Dec 10, 2012 20:13

ImageFnatic has officially announced the departure of both MODDII and Karrigan, the latter being linked with mousesports as of today.

Speculations have travelled across the internet regarding the departure of SE Andreas 'MODDII' Fridh and DK Finn 'karrigan' Andersen after the two former Counter-Strike 1.6 stars left fnatic's ESEA lineup earlier today. The speculations proved to be correct as the Danish player will join forces with his former team, , while Fridh "will not be searching for any team right now".

Karrigan will once again embrance Mousesports' colours

As we previously reported, Karrigan will be joining Mousesports, a team who he once left to join Fnatic roughly 8 months ago. Although Fnatic did not give a clear statement of why the two players where released, the newsposts reads that they aimed to secure "the best team spirit out there, making sure all players feel comfortable playing with each other"; this leaves room for interpretations.

Karrigan's statement:

"From this day on, I will not present the black and orange colours anymore, as I have done for the last 8 months. For me is has personally been the best year of my eSport career, we in fnatic have won several tournaments in CS 1.6 since I joined, the first one we won was at Copenhagen Games back in April, in a final that I will not forget for a long time, with several overtimes against Na`Vi.

When I transferred from mouz to fnatic back in March, I was so eager to win my first big international event and it happened directly at the first tournament. It never stop ending though, we won several tournaments in a row and without a single loss in 1.6 since June, we became the best team of 2012. An achievement that I will never forget, because 1.6 had a special place in my heart and all that pashion and time I put into achieve something finally paid off, especially when Fnatic gave me the chance to join up in late March."

Finally, the German organisation Mousesports also made a statement regarding Finn's transfer to their CS:GO team, as follows:

"We would like to thank Fnatic for their professional attitude in our negotiations about the trading of Finn 'Karrigan' Andersen. When we released Finn out of his contract in March 2013 to allow him to continue his career in Fnatic after we've closed our CS 1.6 division in mousesports, it was purely for his personal best and it's great to see that Fnatic did the same as of today."

This move leaves Fnatic with three Danish players, no information was given regarding the two additions which will complete their lineup.

mousesports de has now completed its German lineup by removing GR Hendrik 'strux1' Goetzendorff and DE Hendrik 'strux1' Goetzendorff, while Karrigan, which will act as team captain and in-game leader, and his former team mate DE Michele 'zonixx' Köhler will join the ranks of the German powerhouse.

Mousesports' newly formed team will be on-site tomorrow, in the ESEA Invitational League, where they will face fm.TOXiC at 22:30 CET.



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