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SK Nyph: Karma will not be viable until they change her

By Patrick 'Dragonnidh' Koglgruber
Dec 18, 2012 17:35

ImageNyph gave us some of his time, and answered our questions about the role of a support in solo queue, about Karma's rework and Nami. Read the interview to see what Nyph has to say about these topics and more.

What scares people away from playing support in solo queue?
"I think it is the fact that you can't really carry the game by yourself. You always have to trust in your AD carry and the rest of the team to do good."

Are there any reasons to play support in the solo queue? How important is a good support for the team?
"It is as important as any other role. If you have a support who is not that good your AD carry will have a hard time farming and killing enemies. In solo queue it is more about winning the bot lane and snowball from that.
In the early game every lane should ward. As soon as you reach mid game you should ward more all over the map as support. If you catch someone out of position you might win the game with that as you can try Nashor then or push a tower."

Did you play support in solo queue in the beginning? If yes, which supports did you play the most?
"At the very beginning I played pretty much everything that was fun. But with time I started to play a lot of Janna and played support in my first team. I always felt like this is the role that suits me the most."

What is your favourite bot lane combo and why?
"Nunu and Caitlyn. You have a lot of poke but you can trade as well and once you get life leech on the carry - sustain."

What is the strongest bot lane combo at the moment and why?
"I'm not sure if you can say there is a best bot lane. The game is pretty balanced at the moment. You can play nearly all ADs and supports but I still think Sona + any AD carry is one of the strongest lanes."

Do you think Karma is viable in the current meta?
"No and I think she will not be viable until they change some skills of her. As support you will always need CC or a buff that makes your allies stronger."

What do you think about the upcoming changes to Karma? Will it make her more playable?
"I have not seen the full rework but the things they want to change should push her to be viable."


What would YOU change about her?
"Good question. I played her a few times when she came out. I always felt like she needs a hard cc. Maybe a stun with karma on shield or if W holds 3s it stuns. The rest of her kite is pretty good for AoE setups."

There´s a new support, Nami. Do you think she will be a new meta support, like Leona, Taric or Alistar?
"For me she is a mix of Janna and Lulu. You can make your AD stronger with your skills and meanwhile you CC them so you get free autoattacks. Nami + Cait/Ashe/Vayne could be a really strong lane."

What do you think about Nami? Is she more a mid champ than a support ?
"Her skillset is definitely one of a support champ. I think Riot learned that if they give them high AP ratios people will abuse them as AP carries. So I'm confident to play her as support."

Have you ever thought about playing Orianna support? Are there any reasons not to try her?
"I played her a few times in solo queue. She brings a lot of utulity but she can't really poke or sustain in the lane. Her mana costs are too high and her shield isn't instant like Janna's or Lulu's. That's why you most likely can't come to the point where she really shines."

What´s your favourite support?
"At the moment it is Zyra. She has something that none of the old supports has and she has a lot of kill potential but you have to be good and hit your snare otherwise she is pretty bad."



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