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Christmas Skins 2012 bring you the AP Power!

By Patrick 'Dragonnidh' Koglgruber
Dec 11, 2012 00:38

ImageGet ready for some Christmas feeling because the holiday skins for 2012 are ready to be tested on the PBE! Read on for a glimpse of them.

This year Riot decided to give the Christmas outfits to various AP carrys of the League, so if you feel like trying out some of the new possibilities in the mid lane after the latest massive patch, you'll be able to do so wearing the latest fashion.

Let's start with Katarina, whose new skin is called "Slay-Belle" Katarina. It includes new particles and a new recall animation.


After that we have "Bad Santa" Veigar, who will show off some new particles and a new recall animation of his own. Awesome!
Then there is one for Ziggs as well - "Snow Day" Ziggs. Looks just like a snowboarder, don't you think so?
And last but not least, "Dark Candy" Fiddlesticks, so far probably the funniest skin for the Harbinger of Doom.
Besides those fantastic skins Riot has yet another present for us. New ward skins!
These are the upcoming Christmas presents for us, looking forward to buy them ALL!

But wait, there is more! Two new skins for Lux and Shaco will also be soon released - Steel Legion Lux and Masked Shaco.

Which skins are you most eager to get your hands on, Summoners?



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