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SHOUTcraft HotS Invitational announced

By Tobias 'noxilicious' .
Dec 10, 2012 00:27

ImageThe SHOUTcraft events by TotalBiscuit are well known and have been quite entertaining so far. The waiting for a new one is over as the British commentator announced another event - this time a really small one in HotS.

A lot of time has passed since GB John 'TotalBiscuit' Bain has hosted the last SHOUTcraft. This is about to change as he announced the next event for the 16th of December. Additionally it will not be a big event,only five players are invited and the games are going to take place in the Heart of the Swarm beta, not in Wings of Liberty.

In one week the players will battle for 1000 $. TotalBiscuit will cast himself and guide the audience through the event. There will be a groupstage where all five players will face each other in best of three game series. The top two players of the group will determine the winner in the grand finals.

All the players are Koreans, three of them are playing for TotalBiscuit's own team Axiom Gaming. As TotalBiscuit said, all players are currently living in the Axiom team house and will play there.

Players for the SHOUTcraft HotS Invitational




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