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THOR Open 2012 won by NiP

By Davidov 'Kha-El' Ediz
Dec 9, 2012 21:43

ImageThe 2012 edition of THOR Open, has been won by Ninja in Pyjamas, who went home with the big prize of 100,000 SEK.

Having an incredible 17 win streak, SE Ninjas in Pyjamas wins THOR Open 2012 with two close win over FI Curse.US ( 16-13 de_nuke_ve, 16-11 de_dust2_se ).
Third place is claimed by SE Lemondogs with 2-0 over DK Anexis .

First match started on de_nuke_ve where Robin "Fifflaren" Johansson opened the pistol round. Ninjas in Pyjamas won first three rounds with Curse securing the 4th. The Swedes had to go safe after NiP settled a 5-1 score money win.

NiP have figured out Curse's strategy on pistol round, but even so they were unable to plant the bomb in the lower site. Second round was a foreced buy in the upper site, but again they were shut out.

NiP looked to be losing another mid round situation, but Adam "friberg Friberg's three M4A4 kills bailed NiP out. NiP then won the following round convincingly before taking down a weak Curse buy to make it 10-5.

NiP seemed to loose mid rounds, but with three kills from Adam "friberg" Friberg, the team secured the round, and the next one going for 10-5.

Jalli made a starter mistake by not checking his back for over 15 seconds, allowing NiP to shoot him in the back, costing Curse penultimate round.

Last round was won by NiP with a break in at the upper site getting them 16-13.

Ninja in Pyjamas squad. Courtesy of NiP-Gaming

Second map, de_dust2_se started with Curse beeing on top in the pistol round.
They won the next 2 rounds, gaining a three points lead. Curse went strong in the 4th-6th round leading NiP with 6-0. NiP recovered some of the lead by winning the next 2 rounds, loosing the seventh round and winning another 3 rounds after.

Curse won the first half by 10-5 with Timo "REFLEX" Rintala securing the round with a big one-on-three situation.

As terrorists NiP dominated Curse from the point where the Finns made a miskate in the pistol round, allowing yet another victory for Ninja in Pyjamas and their strike alive. ( 18 wins )

Ex-Hawks, Curse team. Courtesy of Curse CS:GO

The 3th place and winning 10,000 SEK is taken by SE Lemondogs over DK Anexis with 16-14 on de_nuke_ve and 16-4 on de_mirage_go scoring 2-0.

THOR Open final standings:
1.SE NiP - 100,000 SEK (~€11.500)
2.FI Curse - 20,000 SEK (~€2.200)
3.SE Lemondogs - 10,000 SEK (~€1.100)
4.DK Anexis
5-8.SE gosu
5-8.SE Western Wolves
5-8.SE Absolute Legends
5-8.NO Copenhagen Wolves

For those who didn't followed this event, here you can see the results.



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