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ToD leaves ROOT Gaming

By Tobias 'noxilicious' .
Dec 7, 2012 13:02

ImageIt has only been three months since the french Protoss player joined ROOT, but now both parties decided it would be the best to part ways. A lack of work visa was one of the deciting reasons for the decision.

The former Warcraft III player FR Yoan 'ToD' Merlo is unable to work for and with the American organisation ROOT Gaming as the lack of work visa forces him to leave America and go back to France. While ROOT Gaming focuses on America heavily, ToD will focus on European tournaments and therefore both parties decided to part ways on good terms.

ToD is looking for a new organisation, as he asked interested organisations to contact him via Twitter. His latest apperances in 'State of the Game' and North American events such as IPL and MLG gave him some publicity at least. However, it will not be easy for ToD to find a new organisation, as he did not have quite a lot of success so far.

Statement of ToD:
"It's been a pleasure playing for ROOT. I've played with the team for around 3 months, but due to lack of a visa i'm returning to France where ROOT cannot support me as much. I still want to attend EU tournaments but ROOT is mainly focused on US market, so we mutually decided to go our on ways, on good terms of course. My time in ROOT has probably been my happiest playing SC2, and I wish them all the best of luck. Special thanks to CatZ and ROOT for giving me a great team while I was in the US. I'll continue to be friends and "hang out" with them online and on skype so to speak. I look forward to meeting them again at the tournaments in the future."




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