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Jaedong joins Evil Geniuses

By Tobias 'noxilicious' .
Dec 6, 2012 16:34

ImageIt could be one of the biggest Starcraft II news in 2012 and it definitely is the biggest news for Evil Geniuses in 2012. Within the last month of the year they are able to present a legend in their lineup - for one year at least.

One of the biggest names from Starcraft Brood War, who has switched to Starcraft II recently, joined the American organisation Evil Geniuses. KR Jae Dong 'Jaedong' Lee is known for his very agressive playstyle. Therefore he has gained a few nicknames, one of them 'The Tyrant' - because of his playstyle.

Jaedong has been selected for the WCG 2010 Torch Relay and is one of the most important players any team could have. It is not a big surprise that he was selected as the most valuable player of the 2011 - 2012 Proleague Season 2's regular season.

Apparently Jaedong will stay with Evil Geniuses for one year and eventually return to Team Eight. EG and Jaedong could still work out another agreement, but for now it is planned that Jaedong will play for the EG-TL lineup in the Proleague. The first appearance for his new team will be on December 8 as the first match in the season for EG-TL will take place against KT rolster.




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