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Elementz is back on Curse.NA' roster

By Krasimir 'fmde' Kolev
Dec 6, 2012 20:04

ImageAfter being benched not so long ago, Curse.NA's support player Elementz is back in the game.

Just before IPL5 US Team Curse Academy decided to bench their support player CA Cody 'Elementz' Sigfusson and the team played the event with US Keenan 'Rhux' Santos who didn't quite live up to their expectations. Although the young, talented player left some good impressions, his future with Curse is yet to be seen.


After a rather disappointing finish in Las Vegas, the squad has decided to go back to the roots and re-establish the roster once again, bringing Elementz back to his previous position. The information first came up from one of Travis Gafford's tweets

Now, with everything back to normal, US Team Curse Academy's current lineup is:



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