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Quantic Gaming shuts down

By Samuel 'DarthBotto' Horton
Dec 5, 2012 03:15

ImageThe all-star American organization of Quantic Gaming has disbanded, leaving dozens of professional players teamless.

In a sudden turn of events, the American professional gaming organization of Quantic Gaming is now out of business. This comes as a shock for everybody, including the players and staff for the organization, as the company's investors abruptly pulled their funding for the team, forcing the disbandment of their teams. With this development, there is now a multitude of StarCraft II and League of Legends players without a sponsor.

With this event, Quantic, which has been in full operation as a relatively new North American organization, has been left with no finances to continue operation. On their various Twitter accounts, the players have bid farewell to the organization that met an abrupt end. The StarCraft II players are reportedly looking for sponsors on an individual basis, while the fate of the League of Legends team as a whole is currently unknown.

Former Quantic Gaming Roster
StarCraft II
US Josh 'agh' Bland
KR Kim 'Apocalypse' Min Hyung
CA Zac 'ChAnCe' Palmer
CA Moon 'DdoRo' Jung Ho
US Flo 'flo' Yao
KR Myung-Hwan 'Golden' Jo
US Eugene 'HasHe' Demenchukov
US Devan 'Hawk' Subramaniam
US Chris 'Illusion' Lee
SE Madeleine 'MaddeLisk' Leander
CA Jeffrey 'MaximusBlack' Johnston
SE Kim 'SaSe' Hammar
US Michael 'Spanishiwa' Yabut
US Michael 'theognis' McClelland
US Choi Yun 'TheStC' Sik

League of Legends
US Zach 'Nientonsoh' Malhas
US Hai 'Hai' Lam
US Daerek 'LemonNation' Hart
CA Jason 'WildTurtle' Tran
US Gabriel 'Yazuki' Ng

Source: Team Liquid



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